Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home From The Wedding

Arrived home from my wonderful and exciting Royal Wedding trip on Sunday and am still recovering from a bad dose of jet lag and now trying to find space for wedding souvenirs. Had to buy a larger bag to bring them home.
Charlotte and Emily were very pleased to have me home again and haven't left my side since my return. I was lucky and didn't have to stay overnight in The Mall to get my front row spot. I walked down from my hotel at 5.30am with my little stool and was very lucky to get a perfect position.

And here is the beautiful bride, I thought the dress perfect and I waved and cheered with the rest of the crowd.

The Queen looked lovely in yellow and special cheers for her.

And a thank you to Bridget, a very nice young woman who was standing next to me in the crowd and emailed me some of her photos. Bridget took this one of the Queen, I took one the same but mine was fuzzy.

Here I am cheering and waving at the balcony. I was almost at the front in that huge crowd and once again I was lucky, I am not very tall but a tall young man behind me grabbed my camera, took some photos and then handed it back to me. Everyone was so nice that day, tall young man thank you, whoever and wherever you are.

My daughter and a neighbour watching the wedding on T.V in Australia saw me walking down The Mall. I was wearing a new coat which I had shown to both before I left home. Sadly I had to leave the coat behind to make space for souvenirs.
An equally exciting part of my trip was meeting up with blogger friend Gattina in Brussels. Gattina met me at Brussels station and took me to Brussels 'Grand Place' and what a friendly and interesting tour guide she was. We then sat at an outdoor cafe and how sophisticated I felt drinking coffee and chatting to Gattina. I think blogging wonderful to make the world such a small place. More of this later.
I travelled to Brussels on the Eurostar, only a 2hour trip from London and because of my confusion when booking my ticket I only had 2 hours in Brussels but Gattina made sure I packed a lot into my 2 hours. Thank you Gattina.


  1. Good to have you back and reporting on your trip. Your assistant photographers did very well. Looking forward to seeing some of those souvenirs.

  2. What wonderful shots you got! I wondered what the point of view was like from the crowd, how exciting!

  3. WOW!!! What an amazing trip. You saw so many wonderful things in your travels. A Royal Wedding and then a trip to Europe to meet Gattina in Brussels. Thank you for showing us some photos. The bride did look lovely didn't she, and yes the Queen looked quite cheery in her yellow outfit.

    Hope the jet lag doesn't hang around too long and I will look forward to seeing your souvenirs.

    Cheerio, Susan

  4. I'm so glad you made it home safe and sound! I bet you had a wonderful time and I am sure Charlotte and Emily were very happy to see you.

    The wedding was so lovely and the wedding dress perfection.

    I look forward to seeing what all treasures you purchased.

    Hope you catch up on your sleep soon!
    xo Catherine

  5. Thank you for visiting and sending purrs.
    Watched this on TV. It's great that you enjoyed this trip tremendously and visited Gattina as well. Happy and good memories are priceless.

  6. Now I realize that you really had a wonderful place just in the first row ! how lucky you were ! I enjoyed our meeting very much it only was too short ! I hope there will be a next time !

  7. Hello Sylvia,
    So nice you had a wonderful time !
    And how exciting to meet a blogger friend !
    I can imagine Charlotte and Emily are happy to have you back :-)
    I'm looking forward to see your souvenirs ...

  8. Dear Sylvia,
    Welcome home and soon get rid of that jet-lag.
    What wonderful positions you got and nice you had someone to talk to while you waited for the Wedding. Also great you could meet Gallina even if for only a short time.
    Emily and Charlotte will enjoy helping you unpack your souvenirs.
    Enjoy the memories for a long time to come, you were very brave. Margaret

  9. So glad to see you made it back. I can't wait to hear more about your adventure:)

  10. So exciting! It is so amazing that you braved the crowds on the Mall! It looked very orderly on TV. Hope you had a great time. I bet Charlotte and Emily are happy to have you home!!

  11. Thanks for the welcome home comments. Two of my comments dissapeared on Friday 13th in a blogger meltdown. But I suppose if that's all that happened on an unlucky day then I am lucky.

  12. Hi Sylvia, I am so pleased to hear that you had the best views possible - your photos prove that! I left a comment here after I watched the whole Wedding on t.v. but it doesn't seem to have got on to your blog. Probably my old computer playing up again. I'm on Ken's laptop now because my PC is just about at meltdown...Anyway, I wish I'd known what you were wearing - I kept saying to Ken "I hope Sylvia has a good spot! She's out there somewhere!" Were you with the other Aussies? There seemed to be a couple of large groups scattered along the road.

  13. oh how fun for you..I enjoyed reading your site..I will be posting pictures of my daughter's wedding after June 4th will be glad when it's all over..she is so excited..thank you for stopping by my site...I enjoy all your comments..have a great day..