Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Comment Problem Solved by Genius Grandson

For many weeks I have been frustrated by being unable to leave comments on some blogs. I would compose what I thought a clever comment then want to throw myself on the floor and scream when my clever comment would not go through.
At last a visit from tall, talented and very handsome grandson who found and solved the problem in only a couple of minutes. I won't show his face as I don't want him mobbed in the streets by others with problems. I want to keep him to myself.
The answer for anyone still having problems is......Third Party Cookies.
Here are some of the blogs I want to apoligise to for being out of touch. Sylvia at Cosiness, Fran at Being Me, Mary Anne Tate at Tate Gallery and Cat Mandu to name just a few.
Still busy while not blogging I have finished the Kate and William engagement sampler. This one is pretty and was easy to stitch and came as a kit from Majesty Magazine. Now stitching a much bigger Royal Wedding sampler which will keep me busy until the patterns for the Diamond Jubillee come out next year.

My walls are becoming a bit crowded but still space in the bedroom, the latest sampler is on the right. My mother's wedding photo is left.Look closer and there a two more cats in the mirror. Emily always falls asleep waiting for me to come to bed. Some furniture upheaval recently and the little desk you can see had to find a space in my elastic sided bedroom. The cute little desk has a total of 16 very tiny, very sweet and totally useless drawers in it.

Charlotte heard about International Cat Box Day on Cat Mandu's blog and though she missed it this year she is showing she will be ready for next year.

A family day last Sunday as some birthdays had to be caught up with. I think " 'Elf and Safety has also caught up with us. So, my household tip #789, place the candle in a strawberry or similar, blow candle out, sing Happy Birthday etc, throw strawberry (or similar) out and eat cake. If any of the birthday revellers has a cold there will be no spreading of colds, or similar, easy.

A book I have just finished reading and can thoroughly recommend. Set in Nigeria it is so well written I could see the scene before me in only a few words, the type of book I love and better than TV any day.


  1. Your back!!!! I missed your comments so much. I'm glad your computer problem has been fixed. Love your sampler. It turned out beautifully. Your cats look very comfy on their bed:)

  2. Useless drawers! That is where you are supposed to keep all the little things you might need 'one day'.
    Lucky you, having a tall, dark and handsome grandson to help with your computer.

  3. Welcome back ;o)
    Great that your computer are fixed by your grandson!
    Thank you very very much for the great household tip with the candle. I always thouht about the problem spreading cold virus over the cake....
    Charlotte you looks good in that cardbox.
    Love the little desk !

  4. That's strange you are the 3 person who wrote that she had problems with comments. I think it was Blogger, from time to time it happens. But a Grandson who cleans your computer is very practical. As mine is only 10 months old I have to do it myself, lol ! There is still place in your bedroom ! Each time I get a new cat I think I don't have any space left, but I always manage to find one !

  5. Isn't it amazing what the younger generation knows! Blast those computer cookies ~ we should just eat them all ~ problem solved! :)

    That looks like a good book ~ I will have to check it out.

    Hope you and the lady kitties are doing well my friend!
    xo Catherine

  6. It's great to have younger generation to help solve computer problems. Our human will either email young ex-colleagues or google for solutions.
    The kitties are so at home on your bed! :)

  7. You're powering on with royal wedding samplers! Always enjoy seeing your progress, missed your blog posts. Glad you found the tip about the fabric in Spotlight useful! Cheers, Ruth

  8. I think I'll have to borrow that grandson of your's to see why my computer won't take my URL. Aren't the girls still amazing - You can take a bow. Galina would like to borrow Charlotte's box.
    Keep up the good work. Margaret

  9. No apologies needed, Sylvia, I had problems commenting too, it can be very annoying :-(
    Glad your grandson could fix it !
    That cake looks delicious and Emily and Charlotte are so cute, they made me smile !
    Nice Sunday,

  10. Hello Sylvia,

    I've been working on a cross stitch pattern using the Queen's diamond jubilee emblem (which I do love, it's so quirky and fun!). I've put links to the charts (English version and Welsh version) on my British Patriotic Samplers blog.

    Blog is at: http://britsamplers.blogspot.com

    and the link to the particular blog entry is:

    Now to get stitching on them myself....only I've still got a couple of W&K ones to do for my collection!



  11. As a kitty lover and a royal watcher, I love your blog :)