Thursday, August 11, 2011

Royals,Census and My Birthday

9th August was my birthday and also Census day when all Australians had to fill in a form and be counted. Charlotte helped me fill in my form. I wish you had made me sound a bit more interesting Charlotte. Daffodils were on special at the supermarket as they often are for my birthday so I was able to have a treat of my favourite flowers.

A bit of bad news on my birthday when I read that Janet's Royalty rooms are closing next month. Perhaps the largest collection in the world, Janet lives not far from me and her displays are always fully booked and very popular. No I don't think Janet will have a garage sale, she is closing next month then will decide in a year or so what will happen to this wonderful collection.

Janet always serves a delicious morning or afternoon tea to her guests. my collection is miniscule compared to Janet's and I could never cook those cakes she serves.

I bought a cloth panel and made my Charles and Diana dolls some time ago and didn't do a very good job. I was pleased to find another panel on ebay and this one will be left intact. I'll remove the cat and cat hairs later.

I bought this cute little cupboard at the op shop a week ago, it was varnished and oiled in a very dark colour and had chicken wire across the door. A good little project to keep me busy. Three coats of paint, wire replaced by curtains and now a little display case. It will go back to the op shop when I have had enough of it. I wish I had remembered to take a 'before' photo.

This large Royal Visit 1954 tablecloth arrived from Gina in Victoria this week.
I think a rare cloth partly embroidered and with a mix of australian wildflowers and the flowers of Britain. Some sprigs of Wattle can be seen embroidered.

And some of the wording has been worked. The crocheted edge is very pretty.

A Royal Visit tablecloth I have had in my collection for some time. I think Gina has this one too fully worked.


  1. The census is not asking the right sort of questions if it does not make you sound interesting. Did it ask if you have a blog? Do you have a British Royal Collection? Do you have cats? Do you like cute cupboards and old tablecloths?

    I thought not. How will people really know about us in 100 years. :)

  2. Always good to be counted on your birthday. Hope you enjoyed the day. I have visited Janet's display and sad to hear it is closing - I remember the cream cakes!!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday, Sylvia !
    Hope you had a nice day, it' a pity Janet's is closing.
    Enjoy your favorite flowers :-)

  4. Happy belayed birthday !! So your heads are also counted just like with cattle, lol !
    What a pity that Janet closes down.
    Isn't it terrible what is going on in London ? and now a little all over the country.

  5. Happy belated birthday, Sylvia! To think I actually emailed you about the cloth on that day; I remember because you said you had to go and wrestle with the census form!
    You are right - I do have a Royal Visit supper cloth in my collection - it is one of my favourites.
    How sad to see a private collection closing down. Perhaps Janet will find someone who will continue to show it on her behalf?

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Sylvia!!!!!

    I hope some one takes Janet's collection and puts it in a museum or some type of display so that people can see it.

  7. I hope you had a terrific birthday!!! And I'm glad that you got counted. :)

    That is sad that that gallery is being closed. I wonder what will happen to all those beautiful things. Hmmm..... perhaps you are going to have to add on to your house and grab onto a few of those treasures!!

    Happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! Those daffodils are lovely. You are really good with your hands. Whatever you touch turns out really beautiful!