Saturday, August 20, 2011

Doll Club Day and Luck at the Library

Last Saturday was Doll Club day and this beautiful limited edition Hermann bear was on a trade table along with a note saying that as he was a royal bear I was to have first look at him and of course I had to have him for my collection. He is #5 in a limited edition of 500 made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the coronation. I bought him for a bargain price, made in Germany from mohair he has the Hermann tag at the back of his head.
I would have been able to take a much better photo if Charlotte hadn't insisted on posing with the latest bear for my bear/royal collection.

The first section to enter for a prize on the day was a room of doll house furniture with limited pieces of furniture. No prize for me but I had to lie and tell Charlotte I won or she would be upset on my behalf.

This very nice sewing room won a well deserved prize and now I want a sewing room for my dolls house.

Next section was a bear in a cot. Mine is #9 and I think my bear outgrew his cot but at least I tried.

Luck at the library today when I picked up the latest Ruth Rendell along with some great autobiographies. Called a Fast Back because as it's a new book I only get two weeks to read it instead of the usual four but if it's a good book two days is enough for me.

The book on the left is a new book of cross stitch charts based tattoo art, not my type of stitching at all but fun to look through.

Well I was warned, it does say not for grandma on the back of the book. The book is by Don Ed Hardy and they are his designs. Another quote from the back "Grandma can't wait much longer for that flaming skull tea towel" I don't think so, anyone thinking of stitching for me; remember I like cats...

Here's my tip for anyone thinking of getting a tattoo. Work it in cross stitch first just to make sure you really really like the design.

To be fair to the book it also includes a very colourful butterfly chart but I only have time for Royal stitching.


  1. Do you think Charlotte would like to go to Doll Club with you? She does seem interested.
    Love the little sewing rooms, so cute. What a great idea.

  2. The bear is really cute and Charlotte was right to pose besides it ! The doll houses reminded me of the one I have still in the attic it is more than 60 years old. Unfortunately I didn't have a daughter and now again a grandson so it remains in the attic.
    Today I will take Claudie and Melissa to Brussels and make the same tour as we did together.

  3. What a cute Hermann Bear. I´ve seen one of the 500 in a shopping mail in Bremen too.
    I also own a few hermann bears. I can show them to you in my blog next time.
    Love the little sewing room too. I have a miniature sewing mashine and want to make a sewing room one day.
    Charlotte looks really interested in doll club.

  4. Charlotte looks perfectly suited to Hermann Bear in your photo! You are soooo lucky to have a dolls house. I always wanted one when I was a child, but my parents couldn't afford to buy me one, and my Dad wasn't a woodworker, so he couldn't have made one. I still secretly wish I had one even now, but I think Ken would really arc up if I got one, with all the stuff I've got now!
    The miniatures are so cute..
    I've seen a few cross stitch books that are - er - well not as pretty as cross stitch should be. Interesting I suppose, but not really do-able.

  5. Well yes,skull and cross bones does not quite fit in with a Royal collection.

    To Gina E. it is never too late to have a dolls' house.

  6. That bear is so sweet ~ no wonder you could not resist! And of course, Miss Charlotte looks as pretty as a picture herself! :)
    xo Catherine

  7. Charlotte is just as precious as the Hermann Bear!
    Love your doll set!

  8. I was over on Gattina's blog and your lovely furs caught my eye. You are one beautiful kitty!

  9. What a cute bear, Sylvia !
    And I think Charlotte likes him too :-)
    Nice week,