Monday, May 14, 2012

London 2012 and the Diamond Jubilee Here I Come

History is being made in London in June and I must be there. My flight is booked and my plans are in place. I even have new bed linen to get me in the mood and take my mind off the long long flight I have ahead of me.Forget the Olympics, sport is not my interest and they will be on again in 4 years. Queen Victoria was the only other monarch to have a Diamond Jubilee and after Queen Elizabeth II there may never be another one.
I wrote about the blue crown cushion that is now on my bed in my previous post, the picture was there, and the words, then dissapeared. I blame you Blogger but you will not defeat me, I am fighting back. I did suggest to Charlotte and Emily that they sleep under the house or in the shed last night but they refused and already my nice bed is looking rumpled as we all slept in it last night.
 The Queen will attend a service at St Pauls on Tues. 5th June so I had to have a Lilliput Lane St Pauls in my collection. Son D gave me lights for Christmas and installed them in my large china cabinet for me. Now my treasures are well lit.
 A new Ikea has opened in Sydney, said to be the largest? in the Southern Hemishere. I love their lighting dept. Son D took me to Ikea, bought me a nice lunch of Swedish meatballs and bought me lights for my doll house and then gave me more yesterday for Mother's Day.
I know there are special doll house lights but these are less expensive and really make a difference. I now have some to install upstairs too.

The lights are LED lights and come with a transformer and 3 lengths of light . I only used 2 lengths joined here, the other doll house will use one and my large cabinet used all 3.
And why has my writing got smaller here??? Blogger are you punishing me because I have too many spelling mistakes??

Doll Club last Saturday, sect. 1 was a baby doll. I tried to pass my old celluloid doll off as a baby. She wore a baby dress my mother made many years ago, a vintage crochet bib and a blue hat, both from the trade table at doll club. No prize for me as there were some very nice dolls entered. Second and third sect. A crystal animal or a toy transport with wheels. I entered a sort of crystal cat in glass and a Silver Jubilee bus, again no prize but fun anyway as I love entereng the comps.


  1. It sounds like the girls wanted their fair share of sleeping on the new bed linens. Well who could blame them. :)

    I bet you are counting the days until you will go on your trip. Very fun!

    Wishing you and the kitties a happy week!
    xo Catherine

  2. Bed looks too good to sleep in. Doll houses look fantastic with lights. Hope you have a wonderful trip and take lots of empty cases for all those souvenirs you are sure to find.

  3. Now you have Ikea too ! I like this store. Your doll house is so cute !
    When I think that we miss each other just for one day, when you are leaving I am arriving. I didn't know the exact date of the Jubilee. I am sure the Eurostar will be fully booked. I'll watch on TV !

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming trip! It sounds wonderful!

  5. Hurrah! Our roving Royal Correspondent will be on the scene in London once again. How fantastic, you will have such a great time. I like how you are preparing for the journey with your inspirational bed.

    Dolls house looks great lit up. I think I may actually want to move in. :)

    Have a great week.