Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Edward VIII Abdication Sampler and More

 Arrived in the post today from eBay U.K an Edward VIII Abdication sampler for my collection. I first saw a pic. of this rare? sampler on Ruth's blog British Patriotic Samplers. Its's also been on a couple of auction sites, then turned up on Ebay with a buy it now price or make an offer. My offer was accepted and my lips are forever sealed on the price I paid. Designed by the Royal School of Needlework it still has the original price of 7/6 or seven shillings and sixpence for the design. I am going to be very brave later and give it a quick wash and will show it again when framed. The initials A.M.P 1936 are on the bottom edge and I'm thrilled to have this sampler safely in my collection where it will be safe for another 76 years.

 Same post today brought this very nice hand embroidered on pale blue satin Coronation 1953 cushion cover. Too good to be a cushion I am going to frame it if I can find a square frame.
 A recent addition to my collection is this pretty Doll brush and comb set from the 1953 Coronation. In almost perfect condition it was a local purchase.
I must try to knit this Jubilee Tea Cosy, the pattern is in the English Woman's Weekly 1st May. It does state 'Intermediate Make' but an enthusiastic beginner like me might muddle through. I think sewing all those jewels on will be fun. NO! do not ask what happened to the Union Jack bed throw I was knitting....
 Almost finished the cross stitches on my Bothy Threads Jubilee sampler but there is a lot of back stitch still to be done and all the beads and sequins to be added so some weeks to go before the finish line.
I think this might be my next cross stitch for the Jubilee. From the May issue of Cross Stitch Collection, I bought the Mag. on ebay because these mags. don't arrive here for months after publicatiion in the U.K.
I think I'd frame this one too and not make a cuhion for Charlotte and Emily to sit on.


  1. Some lovely treasures specially the first piece. I never told you but my brother marched in the coronation parade in 1953. He was 12 at the time and marched with his scout troop. His picture was in the paper in the day because his hat blew off while he was marching. We had that picture for years but it has disappeared. I found someone who has offered to go to the National Archives to look for a copy. Will keep you posted:)

  2. That cosy might be easier to knit than the article we are not allowed to mention. Love the dolls brush and comb set.

  3. Wow! I'm just finishing up the top half of my Bothy Threads Jubilee sampler, and I thought I was making good progress. You are a quick stitcher! I'm looking forward to eventually putting those bead jewels in the crowns.

  4. Well done on getting your longed for sampler. A nice reward for all the stitching you are getting done for the Jubilee.

    Lovely doll's comb set.

  5. Poor Edward he was born too early ! Now he wouldn't have any difficulties to marry his love.
    Nice new thinks for your collection !

  6. love your blog ... and the cat. @nne

  7. You always have the most interesting treasures!
    Wishing you a happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  8. Sylvia, I am absolutely gobsmacked by the things you acquire for your collection. An abdication sampler?? Who would have heard of such a thing? There have been some fascinating documentaries about the history of the monarchy on t.v. recently - Ken and I greatly enjoy those. Did you see Prince Charles doing the weather report on t.v. in Scotland? He is such a nice guy, I've always had a soft spot for him in spite of what people have said over the years. I think he is the most genuine out of all that generation of Royals, and if he ever gets to be King, he would be as good as his grandfather. Well, that's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

  9. Just discovered this site. I live in Canada now but gor very nostalgic looking at your lovely things.
    Do you know where I can get a copy of the Woman's Weekly Royal crown tea cosy?
    Best wishes

    1. To my shame I still haven't quite finished this tea cosy but I have knitted two other crown cosies. If you can email me your address I will post a copy of all three. My computer skills don't extend to scanning and emailing copies. Nice to hear from you and always willing to help Canadians as some have been very generous to me. Regards Sylvia