Sunday, July 29, 2012

Charles Diana Anniversary and Market Bargains

 Charles and Diana were married 31 years ago today and I am still collecting the souvenirs from their Big day. I think I have shown a C and D beach towel before but now I have two. Made in Australia by Bradmill I have been told only 50 were made. So only another 48 for me to find then.
 A selection of my C and D wedding plates.
C and D bath towel and soap. Like the beach towels, never to be used of course
Fun day at the local markets yesterday. Starting from the left I bought a tin of pink paint $3, the last doll house soaked up $26 of paint so I need to spend less. An etching of Buckingham Palace $3, very dirty but I cleaned it up. A sticker on the back says Garner-Bennett Ware. There is a firm by that name in Stoke on Trent, maybe it came from there.
A full boxed set of silver plated teaspoons made in Australia by Grosvenor, Pattern Christine and possibly from the 50's or 60's. I paid $1. This from a stallholder who rarely bargains but does have weak moments.
The spoons in front of the box are part of a wedding gift full set of  silver ware. Some of my guests get a bit nervous about the spoons they are given to stir their tea as they think I might have used them to dish up cat food. Now I have lots of good 'never touched cat food' spoons.
There was food I had to buy, some ginger biscuits and a Gramma Pie. My mother made the last gramma pie I ate about ???? years ago. This one is very tasty but I think mum's pie was better.
Now for the locket pictured above. I bought this a few years ago from the same stall holder who sold me the spoons. I'ts a 9ct gold coronation locket in perfect condition, it opens up so I could put pictures inside. The locket was in a box with broken jewellery bits and when I held it up and said "how much" I was told $7. I dropped it in my bag, paid quickly before he changed his mind and walked away with my bargain of the day. It didn't come with the chain but I already had a perfect chain. The same locket in very scratched condition recently sold on ebay for $85. This is one piece of my collection that I do wear a lot.
I bought the Queen Mother new shoes in London from the Bear shop. She has had to make do with plastic Kmart sandals and has never been happy about them. The new shoes are a silvery blue colour and go very well with her blue outfit. The QM loves a small heel on shoes and so loves the look and comfort of this pair.
There is a small bow on the front set with a sparkley diamonte.
I also bought my Camilla bear some new knickers with Hello Kitty pictured on them. Camilla has always complained about her home made undies, I will show her new ones later.


  1. My goodness, you really got the bargain fever ! I also saw a lot of old royal things when we went to this flea market ! It's amazing what people are selling ! Now you must be very happy !

  2. Well, 31 years since Charles and Diana married. Amazing!

    What a lot of treats you found to buy. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Glad Camilla has some nice undies, didn't realise she is a Hello Kitty type lady.

  3. Love all the market bargains. Looking forward to seeing Hello Kitty undies although I can't imagine Camilla complaining about the home made variety. Gramma pie, can't remember ever tasting that.

  4. I love the new shoes for QM...very fetching:)

  5. Wow! You are indeed a great purchaser.

    Thank you for visiting us and sending comforting words. We love you. Purrs!

  6. You have so many lovely treasures. Love the new bear shoes ~ cute!
    xo Catherine

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  13. I have one of the Charles and Diana Black & White Beach Towels and would be happy to sell to the right person :-)
    Let me know if you are interested.

  14. Oh, I should have mentioned that the Charles and Diana Black & White Beach Towel has never been used, so is in "as new" condition :-)

    1. Thanks Lillie but I already have 2 of the towels and don't have space for more. I was told only 50 were ever made. Mine have never been used-too embarrassing to take to the beach perhaps!

  15. haha ... yes, I agree about going to the beach. I'm sure someone would kick sand in my face!
    Thankyou for getting back to me. I will put the towel on eBay and see how I go. Cheers, Lillie :-)