Sunday, July 15, 2012

Greenwich Embroiderers and My Sampler

 Back again after another of my blog breaks. On my to do list while in London was a trip to the Greenwich Heritage Centre to see the Millenium Samplers and the Golden Jubilee Sampler. Do a google search to find out full details, they are amazing, also go and see Ruth's blog. For once I didn't plan my day first, got lost and five buses later found the Centre which is in Woolwich. There are 9 samplers starting from Celtic/Roman times up to the Golden Jubilee. All on display in large glass cases except the Jubilee one which I was told was in storage and I couldn't see it. Well!! I begged, pleaded, said I had come all the way from Australia just to see it. It worked, I think they felt sorry for me as I looked a bit bedraggled and wet in my old raincoat. I was taken through the building to the basement, left alone with the sampler and told to take as long as I wanted. I crawled around the floor so I didn't miss a single stitch. I hope there were no cameras in the basement, the staff would have had a good laugh and I wish my photos were a bit better. The samplers are all hand stitched by local women.  
 My Bothy Threads sampler is finished and framed. Happy to have finished this one with so much backstitch then beads and sequins to be stitched but I am happy with the result.
I bought the frame at the op. shop, it had a painting of a Dead Gumtree in a Storm. I wonder if in about 70years time someone will come along, throw out my stitching and rediscover Dead Gumtree in a Storm. I use double sided tape on the back to hold the sampler in place, a piece of old blanket for padding and now will tape calico on the back to tidy it up.
 Charles and Diana would have been married 31years this month. Has everyone forgotten them? There are certainly bargains to be had in C&D souvenirs. Like this clock I bought on ebay, no one else bid and I bought it for an almost giveaway price. A very unusual piece for my collection.

A sad day today, grandson's little green budgie Butter passed away. Butter, shown on the left, joined the family as a very young bird with her partner Fred on 3rd March 2007 and so was over 5 yrs old. I bird sat Fred and Butter for a week 2 years ago when this photo was taken. You gave a lot of joy to the family Butter and will be sadly missed especially by your partner Fred who is still in good health. A private burial service has been held.
                                R.I.P Butter. You will be remembered always.


  1. Welcome back! Lovely to see you blogging again after the Jubilee trip. Well done for your perseverance with samplers at Greenwich. And your own Bothy Threads sampler looks great.

    I can't forget Charles and Diana. What a lot has happened since.

    A lovely tribute to Butter the budgie. Thank you. She will be missed.

    Susan xo

  2. Sorry to hear about poor little Butter.

    I admire your nerve in insisting on seeing the sampler. Well done.

    I hope you embroider your name somewhere on your wonderful samplers.

  3. Because of my Tunisia trip I was a little late with comments so I discovered your new post with great interest ! What you have done in the Herritage center I did in the Bardo Museum in Tunis, half of it was closed for renovation. I told a young guide how sorry I was not to be able to see the new hidden treasures and looked as if I would burst out in tears, he opened the barrier and let me in to the closed part of the museum where I could walk around and see old Roman things some of them still wrapped and ... I even had a glance on the Presidents residence and took a picture which was not allowed of course. I thanked the guide and gave him 2 € a fortune for them and happily joined my group ! We have both done a good job, lol !

  4. Sorry about the little bird. I had two budgies when I was young. They are such sweet birds.

    Wishing you a happy week!
    xo Catherine