Monday, July 23, 2012

Doll House Updates

 Remember that doll house I bought at the markets last Easter? At last I have finished the renovations and this little house is rescued and ready to be moved on. I don't have space to keep it and will give it to the op shop and hope the house finds a happy new home. I squared off the round top windows so they didn't look as if pigeons should fly in.
 Inside it has been painted, the floor covered and the top room has wallpaper as I think that should be a bedroom, the lower floor has vinyl  ready for a kitchen.
Already waiting is another market find ready for redecoration. This will be my fifth doll house restoration and I have space to keep two, so unless I find a spare room in my 'crowed with royal stuff' house', this one will go to the op shop too. All these houses are the right size for 1/12 scale furniture. 
 This is the doll house I shared with my two sisters when I was a child in 19??.
My younger sister now has the house  and it still has some of  it's original furniture. We all had a turn of having the house for our children but sister M had the most daughters and grandaughters so the house is still a very popular and loved house.


  1. Another beautiful example of your craftsmanship. Love the look of your old childhood dolls house. I am sure the youngest generation still have fun playing with it.

  2. Great work! The dolls house outside looks good and now so much nicer on the inside. That upstairs bedroom is pretty with the wallpaper you've added. I'll look forward to seeing the work you do on the next one.

  3. Wow ! you did an excellent job ! I would move in immediately but I hesitate because of the stairs :)

  4. I can see you adding wonderful designs for a very long time! Beautiful carpets.....lace curtains...beds with canopies.....

  5. I am thinking that sweet little doll house is ready for a nice little dolly family to move in! :)
    xo Catherine