Saturday, November 3, 2012

John Clayton Cross Stitch QUEEN Finished

My John Clayton Queen Diamond Jubilee cross stitch is finished and framed. I am so pleased with the result, there is a lot of work in this sampler but it was not difficult to stitch. The frame is only an inexpensive one but the best I could find. I am always on the lookout for better frames for my samplers. I now put my full name on all my work, always hoping in 100 years people will be searching the internet or whatever is used in 100 years for my work.
The back of my work is not too bad as I am always thinking of my 100 year rule and don't want the back of my work critised by yet be born collectors.
 A temporary spot has been found on the wall which means another sampler had to come down and is searching for wall space. The Queen is the 7th Diamond Jubilee sampler I have stitched and I still have more waiting to be stitched. I would like to group them all together so soon there will be a HUGE wall upheaval.
This is a very unusual sampler I bought from Jan at fabriquefantastique. Jan has an etsy shop and a blog, you will find her if you do a google search as I don't seem able to do links at the moment. Not sure which king it was meant for and is a Canadian sampler with a maple leaf at the top. I'm hoping to squeeze in a tiny kangaroo and emu each side of the maple leaf to make it a bit Australian. I have already starting the stitching as it came in the post just as I had finished the Queen and so it was able to jump the stitching queue, hope to show it finished before too long. The sampler came with a small Westminster Abbey picture but I think that one will be in my stash for a while.
Thanks Jan, I love my purchases and thanks to Gina in Victoria who told me about them.


  1. Well done, Sylvia. I have to confess i don't give a fig what my backs look like. It's hard enough for me to get the fronts looking good! :) I love seeing the pictures of your house. Please keep them coming.

  2. That cross-stitch is beautiful! So much work and dedication to finish it. Beautiful!
    Happy November!
    xo Catherine

  3. Beautiful work. Looks good in that spot.

  4. Wow ! that came out beautiful ! A real masterpiece, you can be proud of it ! can imagine how many working hours must have been behind that ! I love the frame because it is simple and doesn't "kill" the picture as it is so often the case.

  5. Exquisite work, front and back. Elizabeth would be proud of you! And the frame is perfect. Glad to see you received those things from Jan - she is lovely to deal with. I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish the sampler. How come you are doing that before the others that I've passed on to you though?? I know - too hard basket, right?!

  6. Your cross stitch is wonderful:) So much work and the frame is perfect for it.