Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vintage Embroidered Apron EllynAnne Geisel and a Siege

This beautiful hand embroidered apron is the latest in my apron collection. It's an ebay bargain from Victoria, possibly dating from the forties or fifties. Unlike some of my aprons this one has been worn and enjoyed but still in almost perfect condition.
The back is as good as the front, there must be hours of work and thousands of stitches in this masterpiece.
My local bookshop ( yes a cheap one opened up after all the others went broke and left town ) had these books on special last week and they are very interesting. EllynAnne Geisel is an apron expert, an American who does tours and lectures about aprons. A google search will find her.
November 21st is Tie One On Day, meaning tie on an apron. Well that's in America but should I be brave and wear one of my aprons on the 21st and start an Australian trend? Trouble is 21st is a Wednesday, a busy day for me and I'm out a lot..... I'll think about it.
Remember a few months ago when I was headline news pictured here pouring a cup of tea for the Queen then flying off to London for Jubilee celebrations?
Times have changed and here is today's headline. I was about to head off to my local shopping centre yesterday because I'd had a brilliant inspiration about how to display my aprons and needed a trip to BigW. Lucky I heard the new before I left home. My great new apron idea had to wait, I went to BigW today and will be able to show my display soon.
Today is Melbourne Cup day, that's why there is a horse also on the front page.
PS, the two gunmen are still at large, one female accomplice has been captured. Can't imagine what the gunmen were looking for this is a quiet area with not much money around.


  1. How can one wear a stitched apron ! It's a shame for all the work and it looks far too nice ! I have never worn an apron in my whole life except a plastic one with a few cats on it when the oil was spitting around. What a difference in your Newspaper, honnestly I prefer the first version with you, lol ! Gunmen have become so commun that you don't even see them anymore ! See, I am blasé !

  2. Isn't that top apron beautiful! No spilling tomato sauce on it for sure!
    xo Catherine

  3. OMG you find the best aprons! And that one was down here? Just as well I don't go on eBay any more; we'd be having bidding wars over them...
    What has BigW got to do with displaying your aprons? That sounds very interesting!
    I have those two apron books - found them on Amazon.com a few years ago. Elly has/had a website, and used to send me email updates, but it was all about her activities over there, and not really relevant to us down under.

  4. Me again....I posted the date of Tie One On day once on my aprons blog, but didn't get any reaction to it, so never bothered again. I think it is more an American thing. They must wear aprons over there more so than Australian women. I wear them of course, but none of my friends do. Mind you, they've all got dishwashers. I don't.