Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crown Tea Cosy and Mothers Day

 I rarely finish anything I start to knit so I am very happy with my finished tea cosy. The pattern was sent to me by Gina in Melbourne and I sent to the U.K to buy the exact colour and type of wool stated.The fun part was finding the jewels. It might not look exactly as the one in the pattern but I think mine is a work of art. For display only, if you want a cup of tea at my place it will be a tea bag tossed in a cup.
 I had a lovely mothers'day on Sunday. I was taken out to lunch and received my favourite gifts of books, wine and flowers. Perfect.
 This might be my best ever gift, it was inside one of the books I received. A bookmark with very clear instructions on how to use it. Please feel free to print this if you need to refer to it again.
Here's a few reasons why you might need these instructions and a bookmark.
1-Do Not dog ear the page-example turn the corner down and ruin the book.
2-Do Not try and remember the page # as you fall asleep. You won't remember the # in the morning, you know you won't.
3-Do Not grab a tissue from the box next to your bed and place inside the book. Have you no class?
4-Do Not use a photo of your child, grandchild or cat/dog/bird etc. It will end up in lost property at the library.
5-I know the last time you used a bookmark you lost it in the bedclothes, have another look there could be more in there by now. Try using a peg to peg your bookmark to your pillow while you read but don't wake up with a peg embedded in your face.
I'm assuming everyone reads in bed like I do, my favourite occupation.
 I've rounded up a small selection of my bookmarks to show, I know I have lots more SOMEWHERE.
 I wish I could say this is my bed, no it's another doll house bed. The cover was made from a doiley and I lined it with pink satin. The pictures over the bed are of Kate and William.
I wish I could this is my car but no. This was outside my local craft shop last week. I don't want to be disloyal to my reliable little car but this one is so cute and in my favourite colour.


  1. Lovely crown cosy,good work. Glad you've given me those tips about the bookmark, especially the peg, don't want to wake up with a peg face!

    The doll's house bedroom looks beautiful, wish I could climb right in.

  2. The tea cosy is certainly a work of art. I am afraid I have no class, I am a 'grab a tissue' for a bookmark sort of person. And then I find the real bookmark in the bed in the morning. Maybe I will try the peg hint.
    Love the doll's bed, such a clever idea for a bedspread.

  3. I'm happy that you made good use out of that page I sent you! It really was just a fluke that I found the magazine somewhere and kept it for something else for myself. But going through it again before I chucked it out, I noticed that Crown tea cosy and wondered...
    Yours looks prettier than the original photo:-)
    Clever bookmark. I've got a box full of bookmarks that people give me, or have been sent to me by charities. Can't bear to throw them out. I often have more than one book at a time on the go.

  4. Me again - "How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you"?????? Hope you will elaborate on the contents of this book when you've read it!

  5. The tea pot warmer is great ! and the furniture of your doll house so cute, I wished I could move in there ! You were spoiled on Mother's day ! love the book sign !

  6. The book mark with the instructions on it is so funny, and the car is cute, and that adorable little bed in the doll house too. We like the same gifts: books, flowers and wine.

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