Saturday, May 18, 2013

Royal Visit Cloth and Royal Bed Clothes

 My new Coronation Jubilee bed cover set fresh from Marks and Spencer London. I ordered this set over the internet and only a few days later it arrived. Great service, I hope I don't get addicted to M&S shopping.
A close up of the design, I love those corgis and crowns. Most of the squares have 60 on them.
 Look, a matching apron. I know your apron doesn't have to match your bed but nice if it does. The good thing about this apron is it is a one size fits all and a bit big. I'm not so big, if I needed a bit of fabric for some project I haven't though of yet I could cut a bit of fabric off the side or end and it would still fit. Easy.
This is a very special Royal Visit 1954 supper cloth. Expertly embroidered, there is a map of Australia with kookaburra in 2 corners and a waratah, rose and thistle in the other 2 corners and a very nice crocheted edge. Bought on Ebay last week from a friendly seller in South Australia. The glasses and cane holder are also from the 1954 Royal Visit.
 This is the same design cloth only much larger. A little bit of embroidery has been worked and it has a beautiful crocheted edge. All the blue spots in the middle have been worked also the sprigs of wattle and the year 1954. The cloth above has yellow spots in the middle. This cloth came from Gina in Melbourne. I think Gina thought I would have finished it by now. What were you thinking Gina??
Here I am explaining to Charlotte that my bed is really too special for her to sleep in now and could she sleep in her own bed. I am telling her that I might even sleep on the floor rather than spoil my bed.
 Well that didn't work. The lump in the bed is Charlotte. Cat's never listen!!! No point me sleeping on the floor now. Move over Charlotte.
Don't think I've shown my curtain valance before. It has ER and crowns. The wallpaper frieze is original coronation paper and also has ER on. I have shown the paper in a previous post.


  1. That is a very swish bedspread - and see how respectful Charlotte is by sleeping UNDER the spread and not on top of it? I don't see anything unusual about an apron matching a bedspread. Why not indeed? When the lady of the house brings her husband breakfast in bed (or vice versa) how neat it would look when the maid and the bedspread matched;-)
    As for that cloth, well I only gave it to you because I knew I would never even start it, let alone finish it. Why should the giver expect the receiver to do what I wouldn't - lol!

  2. You should know by now that dogs have masters and cats have servants. Charlotte probably thought you were joking about not sleeping in the fancy bed. I wonder how long the apron will stay in one piece, it must be tempting for you to cut off a bit; how about a matching night cap?
    The bedspread looks terrific even with the lump.

  3. I love that bedspread...I love corgis:)

  4. Hey, you only said not to sleep on that lovely cover, never under it! Purrs! :-)

  5. Wow ! You will sleep like a queen (unless she has sleeping difficulties) Of course Charlotte thinks that you bought it for her ! How could you doubt about that ?

  6. LOL! I am thinking Miss Charlotte will be ignoring you and sleeping wherever she likes!! Cats seem to be very bad at following rules. ;)
    xo Catherine

  7. Great bed and matching apron! Love the kookaburra on the tablecloth.

  8. Great bedding! And Charlotte must be happy her name is being mentioned as a front runner for the new royal baby!

  9. Mom says she wishes she lived close to a M&S! Did I tell you we watched THE wedding together? Do you think we'll be able to watch the birth together? (After all, it IS 2013!)

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