Sunday, June 2, 2013

Coronation Anniversary 60 Years

 60 years ago today the Queen rode in her (gold coach alert) Gold Coach to be crowned in Westminster Abbey. I wish I'd been there (my mother made me go to school) on that long ago day. I would have cheered and waved with the rest of the crowd. Some lucky people could watch the big day on small black and white TV's as it happened but there was no TV in Australia then. We had to wait a few more years for TV. A film of the Coronation did arrive by air (it took a week to get here) and we could watch it at the pictures (movies) and what a thrill it was.  Congratulations on your BIG day   Queen Elizabeth II.
 Magazines were flooded with patterns for samplers and women became busy with needle and thread. The sampler above was in Stitchcraft magazine May 1953. The transfer for the embroidery had to be sent for and cost 8d.
 I have never found where the pattern or transfer came from for this unusual sampler. It combines aspects of Elizabeth 1st with the present Queen.
Tablecloths were popular to stitch and I have many examples but I know there are lots more out there still to be discovered.
This is my favourite and I have yet to take a good photo to display it properly.
 Times have changed for some of these countries since the coronation, Australia still has kangaroos so all is well here.
 Books and puzzles for children were popular and here you could cut out and make your own procession.
So many small items were made for the coronation. To name and show a few, there were belts, bracelets, broochs, pens, pencils, hair pins. fruit knife and a pen knife. A butter dish at the back and a card with a hanky insert to send to a friend. Buttons, embroidered needle book, matches and match box holder. I have more but there is so much more out there I will never be able to see and collect it all. Sigh!!!!


  1. Your collection is so amazing! So many things to look at and enjoy.
    Hope you are having a super weekend!
    xo Catherine

  2. Beautiful items from your collections. I love the display of small items. So much to look at and an exciting time to remember.

  3. When I was in London just a week ago, there were already preparations going on !
    I remember that I saw the coronation in the cinema and it was my first time I went there ! My grandma took me to see the film ! How exiting it was for a little girl ! No TV in Germany at that time.

  4. This is interesting, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi L&R .. you have amazing collections of goodies - I was never a sampler maker, or sewer .. you'd find me with recipes etc and sport ..

    Lovely seeing what you've saved or found though ..

    Cheers Hilary