Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vintage Embroidered Aprons on Display

Latest eBay apron for my collection, it arrived in the post this week. Now look at the pic. below!
Same apron but sadly not in my collection. This one is a work of art and there are thousands of tiny stitches. It was stitched many years ago by Audrey Lampe and was part of her estate bought bought by Retro Vintage fabrics and this is their pic. I found it while browsing apron images on google. I got in touch with Vintage Fabrics hoping there was the slightest chance I could have the apron in my collection.
There is a sad ending to this story and the apron no longer exists.
My new apron display. Daughter S had the clever idea of hanging my aprons from curtain rods set on brackets in front of the built in wardrobes in the Diana room, now called the Exhibition room. When that was done I said I couldn't reach the aprons. Was told to lower the aprons on more rods then I could put royal tablecloths on the top rod . Never mind that it is now a bit difficult to use the cupboards and the display needs a bit of fine tuning. There are over 80 aprons most with embroidered ladies and still more put away and 21 royal tablecloths. The ceiling slopes up above the tablecloths so that still leaves more sliding doors up there to be used. That would involve a long ladder and one day I will explain my ladder issues and why I can't use those cupboards. This might be where I need my very tall grandsons.
The wall opposite the apron display, note the Charles and Diana curtains which match the bed quilt. There are 2 doll houses in this room and a third in my bedroom. A fourth one is still in the sunroom waiting to be painted.
The entrance to the newly named exhibition room. I found a new type of hanger to display Diana bags.
Looking into the room. This is the bed guests would have to sleep in. Haven't had any overnight guests for a long while, Can't think why!
Found in a catalogue, an over the door hanger, perfect for some of my royal towels. This door leads into my laundry where Charlotte's litter tray is so I can't keep it closed as much as I would like to.
I loved Gina's lace on my shelves so much I found a perfect piece for the top of my dressing table mirror. Don't know why I didn't think of it before. Daughter S has another bright idea involving the built in wardrobe in my bedroom but I'll keep that for another day.
Charlotte loves her new winter bed but we've had some warm sunny days and she had to put her leg out to cool it off a bit. I think her tail is out too, hard to see against the dark wood.


  1. Hi L&R .. not long before you're over I think .. enjoy the time here. Gosh your collection is vast ... and obviously very treasured ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. The second apron in red is absolutely stunning! Our human feels the lace enhances the beauty of your dressing table.

    We love how Charlotte sticks her leg and tail out to show off the matching colours of her winter bed! Purrs!

  3. Oh my stars a lot of work went into that apron! Certainly not one a person would use. No spagetti sauce stains that is for sure! LOL!

    Hope you and Charlotte are having a terrific weekend!
    xo Catherine

  4. I dare not ask why that apron 'no longer exists'...Now I can't think why you don't have anybody sleeping over - I would LOVE to stay over night in your spare bedroom. Note I didn't say sleep overnight - I'd leave the light on so I could lay in bed and admire everything! I have to admit that in some ways I envy you being able to put all your linens and royals out on display all over your house. Ken is tolerant to a degree, but if I was the sole resident of this house, it would look vastly different! (But I'd rather have Ken)

  5. Love all your new display solutions. You have a very clever daughter. Even with all the things you display your place still looks so tidy.

  6. Your "Exhibition Room" is looking great. No wonder it needed a new name with over 80 embroidered aprons on display! Lovely.

    Good to see Charlotte keeping cosy in this cold weather.

  7. Today I saw a reportage of a lady living in London who made me think of you ! Her house is also full of royal items in all shapes ! Even the kitchen table is used as display and she has to eat on a tray. Now she was busy to create some room for the baby to come ! You would go very well together ! Your daughter has great ideas !