Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Julia's Knitting Versus My Knitting

 The front page of today's Sydney paper! Our not very popular republican  Prime Minister would have us believe -in the middle of trying to cling to her position- she is knitting a kangaroo for the royal baby!! Here's the deal Julia, I leave for London on 12th July for the royal birth. That gives you 2 weeks to finish the kangaroo and send it to me by courier. I will be at Buckingham Palace for an event on Sunday 14th so I will deliver it for you. Normally on my blog I would keep well away from politics but today was a stitch too far.
 Thinking that any knitting the P.M can do I can do better I rushed to my book shelves and there it was, just as I thought it should be. A knitted kangaroo pattern. In my wool stash I found blue wool and needles. Remember that crown tea cosy I knitted? so really a kangaroo can't be that hard.
No, I can't take special orders for your grandchildren, this is a challenge strictly between me and the P.M.
 Janice in New York alerted me to these mini cross stitch cushions and they arrived today. The only chart I have ever seen of Philip and I love the design. They are a Sheena Rogers design and here is her web add.
www.sheenarogersdesigns.co.uk  Thanks Janice I rely on my watchers around the world to tell me about royal designs I might otherwise miss.
Having stitched enough Diamond Jubilee samplers for a while I started again on this UFO of the royal wedding. It will be an impressive sampler if it ever gets finished, for some reason I find it hard going.
A very impressive Diamond Jubilee wool tapestry I bought already completed from eBay. It measures 16"x20" and the LX is not my initials but roman numerals for 60. This is a Dorcas Willow design.
Charlotte wants to show her new winter bed. She sleeps a lot these days and divides her time between my bed and her new bed.


  1. I like seeing our aussie prime minister knitting, go Julia. Perhaps Charlotte would like a nice cosy knitted blanket for her new bed, it is so cold and rainy at the moment.

  2. I doubt very much that she is really knitting, lol ! What a joke. So you will bring this special kangaroo over to Kensington Palace yourself how nice ! Are you still in London on the 25th, I will be on a stop in London to continue my way to Eastbourne and come back to London on August 6th.
    The new bed of Charlotte looks great !

  3. Will we see your finished kangaroo before you leave for London? Charlotte does look very snug in her winter bed.

  4. Hi L&R .. gosh are you really coming over for the Royal Baby .. and then what's on the 14th July?

    Full of secrets for your visit ... love that you are knitting, crocheting and stitching .. looks like for Africa .. but I guess it's for you mainly!

    Beautiful cosy set up Charlotte has got .. and a good 2nd choice .. cheers Hilary

  5. That is a very cozy spot Miss Charlotte sleeps in!
    Happy July!
    xo Catherine