Friday, October 25, 2013

Help Needed to Overcome Too Polite Gene

 Walking out of the shops into the car park today and pushing my trolley loaded with cat food I was accosted by tall, polite, handsome young man with good teeth. He said he would walk me to my car. I thought he was a security guard as he had a yellow safety jacket and badge and perhaps an arrest was being made in the car park as has happened before. We arrived at my car and he proceeded to clean half of my back window- yes, only half. He was a salesman selling cleaning products at an exorbitant rate and I fell for it, mainly because he said it would clean my shower like magic. It doesn't. I meekly handed over lots of $$$$$$$ arrived home and realised once again I have been too polite.
 Story #2 I was sitting in the train in a near empty carriage when polite young man walks up and asks for 50 cents to ring his Gran. I obliged and thought what a sweet young man.....Then I heard him talking to a mate on his mobile phone. But I did laugh at my self for falling for that one.

Story #3 I was accosted by this man - or it might have been his not so handsome brother- in a shopping centre car park and he asked for $20 for petrol as he needed it to get home. I looked stunned so he added that he had his wife, baby and dog in the car. I did manage to turn down this request then I felt guilty later in case he did have a dog in the car.
 Story #4 I fell for this salesman's patter at the markets. He said you only use one part to 20 parts water and it will clean everything. I haven't used it yet, I shared some with a friend, that's why the bottle looks half empty.
I told Charlotte all my sad stories and as I am too gullible to go out alone could she come shopping with me in future. Of course she needs a sleep while she thinks about it. I have sworn her to silence about the amount of $$$$ I spent on todays  too politeness.


  1. You look too innocent, lol ! So it's tempting for young man to try out your good heart ! The cleaner I would have sent to hell with his product, window cleaned or not, the 50cents I would have given too, grandma or not, but the petrol to fill in his tank, I would have asked him if I really looked that stupid ! Anyway a dog likes to walk so he could walk with him home !

  2. You're too kind hearted Sylvia, but that is not a criticism. We need more kind hearted people in the world, but you need to be firm as well. I find it sad that some people think the only way to make a living by taking advantage of kind people, but they just don't seem to have a conscience.
    Just try to stay safe while you're being kind.

  3. BTW I found two Royalty books (a matching pair I think) in our opshop today. I've taken some pics and will email them to you.

  4. Hmmm....this is a tuff one. Sadly there are too many people out there taking advantage of kind hearted people. Yup, you need to get better at saying no. LOL! But oh well. Being kind will bring you good karma in the end. :)
    xo Catherine

  5. We need to get you a software upgrade to deal with that too-polite gene. The scammers are taking advantage! But I'm not sure if microsoft have released this yet...... oh dear. Perhaps Charlotte could at least give you some advice??

  6. Hi Sylvia .. I'm hard-nosed and always say no .. but sadly they prey on innocent people .. who get conned. The store should be providing some protection I'd have thought ..

    Cheers and hope you don't get taken in too often .. Hilary

  7. I don't think you can be too kind but maybe try and be a bit more selective. I can deal with salesmen but am a bit of a sucker for a hardluck story. Is it only handsome young men who trick you. What if you take Charlotte shopping and handsome young man has handsome young cat with him? Is that double trouble.
    You give HYM money and Charlotte gives HYC a meal, a new home ..............?

  8. Oh, you are certainly way too nice! To go shopping our human sometimes dress in old faded clothings. :)