Sunday, November 3, 2013

Teresa Gil and My Cross Stitch Challenge

 This is my cross stitch challenge for 2014. This stunning design by Teresa Gil of the Queen in her Coronation robes. I am a very experienced cross stitcher but not an expert so this design will really test me. I have set aside the whole of next year for this challenge, anything else not finished by 31st Dec. will be added to the UFO stash.
 Teresa was featured in Majesty Magazine and when I first read about it I knew I wanted to stitch this designs so was thrilled when I saw the chart for sale.
 The chart is large and clear, there is a lot of backstitching, beads, sparkly threads, some petit point for the face and of course the dreaded french knot. I am having more french knot lessons this week and will be an expert when this heirloom is finished. There are lots of threads involved and I use the small plastic lunch bag method to keep them tidy and labelled. I am stitching on 14ct aida to save my sanity though I know it would look better on linen or evenweave which I think Teresa used. Teresa lives in Spain but I know she is only an email away if/when I strike trouble with my sampler.
Almost finished this easy to stitch Riverdrift sampler for Prince George. Then I have another knitted crown tea cosy to finish then I will be able to start my challenge. I love the little Prince George bear in the photo.
 This is a One Off design that was easy to stitch and is already on my wall.
 This is a little baby carriage charm meant for a Pandora bracelet. I don't have a suitable bracelet but I do have this necklace sent as a bonus gift by a generous ebay seller. I added the cats and now the little carriage.
It says Royal Bay 2013 on one side and a gold crown is featured on the other.
The Queen and three future king - love it - wish I had space to frame it and put on my wall. Sadly all available wall space must be for embroidered samplers only.


  1. Well that is 2014 taken care of. Cross stitch will keep you out of mischief. Hope you will still have time to keep us informed of your progress. Good luck!

  2. That certainly will be a challenge but I know you can do it:)

  3. It is a good idea to commit yourself to finishing one major project in a set time. I've only achieved that with one or two of my big projects. The rest sit around for years waiting their turn. Bit like those three men/boys in the photo. Which one will actually be a king? More to the point which one will be the NEXT king??

  4. That is such a nice photo of the Royal family. Well and you know I like the kitty cat charm!! Cute!
    xo Catherine

  5. Well you are committed now with your 2014 Challenge. Looks great. Like the family photo too, George looks like a little plump chump :)

  6. That will be gorgeous on your wall. And of course you will finish it, and I bet with time to spare. I read that there was a beautiful photo taken of the Queen with George but it turned out so well she's keeping it secret for her Christmas cards.

  7. Oh my goodness what a work ! that will keep you busy for a while ! I love the little cats on your necklace. I had missed the Christening of little George when I was in France but I caught up on pictures when I came back. What a cute baby he is ! Very handsome !