Thursday, December 12, 2013

Terea Gil Cross Stitch Update and More Excitement

 I've been working hard on my Queen cross stitch and now there is some colour it has become a bit easier to stitch as I don't lose my place so much. Still so much to do, I can't sit back and admire my work yet but progress is being made. Thanks to Lucy at threadedneedle I now have all the beads I need.
Interesting doiley for my collection. This is from the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne. The visit of the Queen in 1954 then the Olympic games in 1956 really got Australia noticed and all needlewomen kept very busy.
 Much excitement today, first my latest Rosemary McLeod book was delivered. Almost 500 pages of exciting old needlework, patterns, old adds from long ago magazines all amazing stuff. Ruth from Britsamplers (though she hasn't posted for a while) alerted me to the new book. My copy came from New Zealand, Rosemary is a Kiwi, the book is just published and I couldn't find it here.
 One of the adds in the book from a 1938 magazine. Was tempted to take the advice offered till I remembered if I drink Gin I can't sew. So much to look at in this book.
Friend K told me about a neighbour of hers who collects wall vases and got me an invite to see her collection. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked in to B's house. The most wonderful collection, my photos don't do it justice. These are vases mostly from the 1950's all English or Australian made. Clever B has had false walls made so nails can be hammered in without damaging the walls. Unlike my collections which will one day pull the walls down.
 More vases, B also had pretty embroideries, brooches and bags. I will be going back again as I'm sure I missed some things. I still haven't shown all the vases.
 B. had a cabinet full of gold china.
 And a cabinet of green depression glass. The whole house was full of collections all so very pretty AND dust free.
Then B. came to my house to admire my collection which is not as well organised as hers. Charlotte quickly took up a position ready to be admired. Charlotte could you please explain away some of the cat hairs covering my collection?


  1. Amazing vase collection of' B's. Perhaps she does not have a Charlotte to create that 'special' dust.

  2. Amazed at the collections you and other ladies organise. Especially being able to keep the collection dust free. I think my collection is dust; no objects, just dust.

  3. Lots of eye candy in this post, Sylvia! Impressive collection of vases, but not my thing - I'd much rather come and see your collection of royalty, aprons, dollhouses, cats, etc!
    Congratulations on finding the Olympic doiley - do you remember me working on the same one when we met at Bundoora? I've never seen another one until now, and I'm glad you the person who has it ;-)
    Thanks for the alert about the new Rosemary McLeod book - I'd love to see that one. I've got her first one, so I guess the second is just as interesting?
    Have a very Happy Christmas :-)

  4. Isn't it nice when you have a hobby ? You progressed very well ! My goodness all these vases ! what a collection, almost like my 450 cats, lol !

  5. Awesome collection! We love how Charlotte took that position to be admired! Purrs!

  6. I am thinking kitty hair makes collectables much more valuable! :)
    xo Catherine