Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tie One on Day- An Apron

 Yesterday 27th Nov. was Tie One on Day in America and with my large apron collection I thought I would wear an apron to my craft meeting. After much thought I decided on my Mae West apron. The apron was admired but somehow I don't think the day is going to catch on here in Australia. I will try again next year but some members were a bit puzzled by it all.
 Another part of the day is to cook something and give it to someone who needs cheering up. Cook! Me!
I went to the supermarket! and took this little feast along for morning tea. Not much craft is done at this craft group but we do like to drink tea , laugh and gossip.  The apron day is always the day before Thanksgiving in America and was started by EllynAnne Geisel who has written a book about aprons.
 I took this apron along for show and tell because it is in the book by Rosemary McLeod.
 Three of my favourite books. The top one is The Gentle Arts, 200 Years of Australian Women's Domestic and Decorative Arts. Although the making and collecting of aprons is popular in America the are mostly fabric ones. With a couple of exceptions I only collect hand embroidered aprons. Gina in Melbourne is the only person I know who has a larger apron collection than mine.
 Featured in the book Thrift to Fantasy is this beautiful hooked wool rug made by Lucy May Dunbar in Auckland NZ. Based on a wedding portrait of the Queen and Philip on their wedding day in 1947.
Mrs Dunbar's family loaned the rug to Auckland War Memorial Museum in 1954 and it has only been displayed once, in 2003. If the rug is displayed a second time I will be there. Rug measures 1905x1254 mm.
I have the pattern for this little sampler, knew I would never get around to stitching it so was pleased when I was able to buy one completed.
Now the HUGE??? excitement of apron day I will get back to my stitching challenge.
Happy Thanksgiving America XX


  1. Whatever will Americans think of next. I would have been puzzled without your explanation. Tie one what, on what?? That wool rug looks amazing.

  2. LOL Maureen! I keep forgetting Tie One On day, even though I promoted it on my apron blog when I first heard about it. I don't think it's that big in America either, apart from the few bloggers like us (Sylvia and me) over there who collect aprons. Sylvia, I don't know if I've got more aprons than may be so, but yours is by far the better collection as far as quality goes! I'm hoping to visit you some day and see your collection in person, instead of glimpses here ;-)

  3. An apron day ? Never heard of it ! Would be nothing for me I never wear an apron, I don't even have one ! It looks so old fashioned. Makes me think of my grandma.

  4. I like to wear an apron as it protects me from my messes. So much lovely stuff at the supermarket and you still get to make it look pretty, more time for fun!

  5. In Canada, to "tie one on" means to go out and get drunk! LOL!

    Those cookies look good - yum!

    Have a happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  6. Rosemary McLeod has a new book, With Bold Needle and Thread: adventures in vintage needlecraft No royal content, but the text is wonderfully written and illustrated. I love it. Here are some sources for it :

  7. My! The aprons are certainly lovely!