Sunday, October 29, 2017

Charles Diana Wedding Tapestry Finished

My Large Charles and Diana tapestry 18x22 inches is finished and on the wall. The wedding was in 1981 and Diana died 20 years ago. I bought the tapestry on eBay about 8 or 10 years ago and am so pleased with myself for finishing it, once I started it only took about 5 months.
 Even the back doesn't look too bad. I bought the frame from a Salvation Army shop, always a good place to look for odd sized frames, and framed it myself.
 Still a bit of space up near the ceiling so took my life in my hands, dragged in a tall ladder and there it is.
 More space up there though I do like some samplers a bit lower so they can be admired by me.
My very small TV. I am a compulsive royal stitcher and only glance up now and then at TV shows. I can watch a whole movie that way. Sometimes I come home from friend's houses thinking I would love a large TV but I have no space as you can see.


  1. Well done with the tapestry and the back does look good. I didn't realise it was the back at first. I do remember you have have ladder issues so not sure you should be on one but I suppose no one can stop you :)

    Yes a large screen TV would only end up covered in Royal stitching as you would mistake it for blank space when it was off!

  2. Congratulations on a job well done. Tapestry looks terrific framed and in place, not sure about the ladder climbing though.

  3. Well done ! What a work ! I still think you have to buy maybe not a bigger house but just build an exhibition room in your garden !! (with lots of walls)

  4. Have only just seen this post! I would love to cover all our walls with my stitching, but have to share the walls with the Other Half, not to mention a huge tv which if I had my way would be out the door. Your tv is just perfect!