Saturday, January 6, 2018

Elizabeth and Philip Platinum Anniversary

 Congratulations to Elizabeth and Philip on their 70th Wedding Anniversary. I admit I am a bit late with my good wishes but I was waiting till I had this rare piece of fabric in my hands.
 This is a piece of cotton fabric and would have been on sale in the shops at the time of the royal wedding in 1947. You might want to make curtains or a skirt to wear as you watched the wedding parade in 1947. My piece has a few small holes so is a bit delicate, I have hemmed it and displayed as a cloth on my table.
 This small length of coronation cloth came in the same parcel. It had been made into a bag but I opened it up, washed the fabric and haven't yet decided how best to display it.
 Another Charles and Diana wedding tapestry I finished in the 20th year since Diana's death.
 Very interesting embroidered sampler which is now on my wall. Stitched in the Coronation year 1953 it has almost every Australian flora and fauna stitched, including a red back spider above the house and a platypus top left. Under the map of Australia there is a crown with 'long live our Queen' stitched. The year 1953 is stitched under the boomerang. In the middle there is a Welsh dragon and an Irish harp with initials above. Was this stitched by British migrants settling into their new home but just a little bit homesick???? I will never know.
 I have now finished this cross stitch Diana. Another of Sheena Rogers great designs which I have framed.
Yes I'm still here, look under that green seat, I am hiding. Every evening SHE says come on Shibella and we will have a walk around the Estate together. The so called estate is the size of a postage stamp and I can see it all from my hiding spot. Boooring!!!


  1. The fabric looks good and lots of interesting stitching. Glad to see you both get out for a stroll around the estate Shibella.

  2. Interesting sampler but a bit frustrating not knowing the history behind it. I think I would have used the material for curtains if I could sew. Shibella postage sized exercise yard might be boring but at least not too tiring.

  3. Wow these fabrics are real antiques ! You have been very busy it seems !
    Now another wedding is in view, how the Queen has changed since Diana's dramatic life ! Now she even accepts an actor and not completely white ! Unthinkable when she married !

  4. LOL at Gattina's comments! You are amazingly lucky with the wonderful antique fabrics and embroidered works you find. That sampler is unbelievable, what a huge amount of work.