Thursday, October 12, 2017

Shibella is Afraid

 That's right, I am so afraid I spend most days now on the bed or under the bed. I dare not set a single paw outside or that awful noise starts up. Read on and find out why!!!!!
 These birds look harmless enough here but I know they are plotting against me. Note the guards in three of the corners. This is a very secret meeting.
 And screech loud they do.
There's the evidence. They are plotting against me to screech louder than ever
This is only the first wave of those wretched cockatoos. There are a few hundred more coming behind them squeaking and screeching. I hope you now understand why I cannot leave my bed. SHE will have to bring in food and water. I am a prisoner.

Thanks to Ashley at Aussiebirder for allowing me to use her very funny but true pictures.


  1. You are wise to take cover from these local hooligans Shibella. Make sure SHE looks after you while you are in hiding. See you when the coast is clear.

  2. Poor girl, I think I should send you Arthur over to protect you. He has this with magpies, but he jumps in the middle and chases them away. I am always worried because they are big and can attack cats so if I see that I take a broom and run in the garden. Poor Arthur thinks that the broom is for him, usually I don't like that he chases birds, lol !

  3. Poor Shibella. I agree those cockatoos are far too noisy but with any luck they will find someone else to annoy and move on.

  4. Oh my, sweet Shibella !
    Looks like a Hitchcock's scenario :-) ...
    hope those birds are leaving soon !
    Have a nice weekend,

  5. LOLLing at Sylvia's comment about a Hitchcock scenario! We don't have the sulphur crested cockies over our way, but poor Tiger is terrorised by the wretched Noisy Miners the minute he goes outside.
    Sylvia, I have just completed a table runner using some of the cat fabric you sent me all those years ago - let me know what you think!