Monday, January 29, 2018

Australia Day and A Great Australian

 This is a book written by a very brave Australian. Carl is pictured with his younger brother on the cover of his book. Carl grew up in the slums of Sydney with an unstable mother unable to cope after a divorce when Carl was 5. From then on he was badly neglected and in and out of boys homes where he was badly abused. Carl should be mentioned in the Australia day awards for his bravery in speaking out and giving evidence at the Royal Commission into child abuse.
 A keen genealogist Carl has also written about his family history which includes convicts and bushrangers. For a man with such little education he is a very clever man. I hope he will write a book now about the convicts we share on my side of the family
 This is Carl's Great Grandparents. Eliza Jane French and Fred Beauchamp.
 My Great Grandparents Amelia Louise French and Joseph Mason. Amelia and Eliza are sisters and Carl and I are distant cousins. Our Grt Gandparents  were themselves Grt Grandchildren of convicts. While I had a safe, happy and protected childhood Carl's was unsafe and monstrous. But Carl did get lucky as a young man, Married young to a very supportive wife and is now the patriarch of a large family.
 An old photo of one of the Boys' Homes.
Carl's book was launched by the opposition leader Tanya Plibersek


  1. Looks like a very interesting record of some hard times. The photos are good.

  2. Keen to read the book of this man's early life. He certainly seems to be a survivor rather than a victim. A brave man indeed.

  3. Very interesting ! I have read quite a lot about books where whole orphanages were sent to Australia and had an awful life there ! It even lasted until 1960 ! Of course the British government doesn't want to be reminded !