Sunday, January 21, 2018

Stingray Excitement

 I love Stingrays, the bigger the better. They glide about so quietly and do no harm unless frightened then they do have a sting in their tail. There were 5 altogether on Saturday, one of them was very large.
 Now there are 2.
 Then 3. I didn't manage to get all 5 in one pic.
 Google tells me Stingrays are friendly and inquisitive and this man wants to be friends. The Pelicans aren't worried by them. They are hanging around the boat ramp hoping a fish might be tossed their way. Not sure what Stingrays eat. They have eyes on the top of the head and a mouth underneath the head.
 Yes, that big dark shadow is a Stingray.
 And the man managed a pat on the head.
Going under the jetty.
 Except for 3 men at the fish cleaning tables the crowd! are watching the Stingrays. Grandson A  is at the end of the jetty in a white T shirt with his father next to him in an orange shirt. I am standing in the shade with daughter S.
This is the famous Kiama Blow Hole, very popular with tourists when it is blowing. Not today though, the sky is blue and the sea calm. To the right of the pic you can just see a dark patch where water spurts high in the air through a large hole in the rock. Kiama is only 20klms down the coast from where I live so I hope to visit and check on my five new friends soon.


  1. Lucky you. I love stingrays, the bigger the better. They often hang around fishermen so I imagine they like to eat bits of fish fed to them. Looks as if you had a good family day out at Kiama.

  2. I don't know if I ever saw such a thing ! looks not very "cute". Where have you been to see such creatures ?

  3. The stingrays were fantastic and very friendly. I didn’t know they could be so big.