Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Charlotte's pram

Charlotte decided to check out my old dolls pram as a new sleeping spot, she seems to approve as you can see her asleep and she even has a little bear for company. Emily, not being as brave always prefers my bed or her little Queen bed.
The pram was a birthday gift I received as a child and is an exact replica of the prams used by young mothers in Australia in those days. I still have the dolls I pushed around in it and Charlotte is not the first cat to sleep in it.


  1. First to comment I see.Posted 35 minutes ago. Your E-mail came through by the way. Charlotte looks so warm and cosy. Emily does not know what she is missing.

  2. That's such a cute picture ! I am sure my cats would sleep in their too. You ask where the others are. Pookie is always doing a 24 H sleeping marathon, she is a very lazy girl. Kim is a strange cat she lives mostly outside and doesn't like humans. She was already like that when my son got her as a baby. She is not very intelligent either, cats are all different. Old Lisa is 18 and lives her old grandma life sometimes I can do some nice pictures of her, but she too is mostly sleeping.
    That's why Arthur and Rosie inspire me for my little stories. Arthur is such a funny cat !

  3. Oh, this is a very cute sleeping place. I like it when cats discover those sweet places.
    It looks very comfortable.
    Now I´m off to discover your blog!

  4. I left a comment here Sylvia, but it seems to have disappeared?? Just said that I loved these photos of Charlotte in the pram, especially the one of her little face peeping over the edge - sweet!