Friday, October 9, 2009

Vintage Apron

Arrived today!! the latest ebay purchase for my apron collection. The hand stitching is so perfect and the stitches so tiny it almost looks painted, the back is as perfect as the front-no knots or loose bits of cotton. Binding on the edges is all hand stitched with tiny even stitches. Another apron that looks never washed or worn but stored away for I wish I knew how many years.
This apron must bring my collection to about 100, will have to do a recount. That includes 5 royal aprons, a couple of children's aprons and lots half finished or not stitched at all.
I think this one deserves a special permanent display, if I can find an empty spot. Click on the picture to enlarge, I don't think my photography does it justice.


  1. Gosh Sylvia, if I was still checking eBay daily as I used to (up to about a year ago), I would have fought you for this apron! Isn't it stunning!

  2. Yes, I do think it is lovely and yes it does look like a painting. Look forward to seeing it in the flesh when you do your stint as guest speaker with the group Thursday.