Thursday, October 1, 2009

pretty china

Did I say I also collect jugs? I've had the one with the kookaburra handle since I was a child and the koala jug was found at an antique fair. Knowing I love cats the cat jug was a gift from a friend, all displayed on one of my tray cloth sets with matching napkin and egg cosy.
Some pretty cottage china displayed on a coronation tablecloth. The china was a gift years ago from my daughter and I am on the hunt now for the matching teapot. Tee shirt at the back was found in a local op shop and had been reduced in price a few times before I snapped it up, well who else in this area would want it? Am waiting for the right occasion to wear it.


  1. Love that kookaburra. The glamourous tee shirt is surely suitable for everyday wear!

  2. I only have cat mugs and cups, because I collect cats and have around 450, as my better half counted in February, lol !

  3. Finally caught up with blogs. The cat jug belonged to my Grandmother Amanda so it must be pretty ancient. Loved the other china also.