Friday, October 16, 2009

outside decor

Innisfree is the name of my house named after the Yeats poem, Lake Isle of Innisfree and as that is my favourite poem and I live on the shores of a lake I thought it perfect.
Yesterday I had to have the name plate moved as it had been enclosed when one end of my large verandah had been made into a sunroom. That left 2 small holes in the wall, I had long been admiring the koala wall vase in a charity shop so rushed in, it was still for sale and I think covers the hole very well.
The house number has a corgi (perfect for my royal house) and the brass door knocker is a coronation 1953 knocker.
Think I am covering everything here from an Irish poem, Australian koala and British royalty.


  1. The koala wall vase just needs a few gum tree leaves to complete the effect!

  2. I love the corgi housenumber, lol ! that's so cute and the little koala too ! nice bargain you made there and the holes are gone !