Sunday, April 18, 2010

Charlotte on Shark patrol

Charlotte is looking for that shark, she's sure she saw it go past just a minute ago.
Don't worry people, Charlotte is looking and will sound the alarm and alert the newspapers as soon as she spots that fin.

Emily wants nothing to do with sharks, won't even look out of the window.
We watched "Jaws" together on T.V not long ago didn't we Emily? I think Charlotte was having a sleep that day....


  1. Weren't you scared when you saw the big Jaws ?
    Arthur loves to watch Golf on TV and each time the ball falls in a hole he looks under the TV set !

  2. I'm with Emily, much nicer indoors.

  3. Sweet Charlotte ~ please don't put your nose too close to that water ~ we don't want anything to nip at it! I think I am with Emily, much safer inside! :)