Friday, April 16, 2010

It's all about ME!!

Still thinking about Jean Baggott's book which impressed me so much, so I found a photo of me when I was the same age as Jean in the pic on her book cover.
My photo was taken when I was 10 or 11 and I was at an Eisteddfod in Sydney. I was having elocution lessons at that time so I would have been reciting a poem and I still have the certificate I received on that day.
Don't remember the poem but I do remember the dress. It was mauve organdie with tiny white flowers and was made by my mother. I'm sure my hair ribbons would have matched my dress. My hair would have been put in rags overnight so I would have curls next day. My slight smile would have hidden my true thoughts which always seemed to be somewhere else, most likely thinking about cats and palaces etc.
Ten years on and here I am again. No bare shoulders or cleavage for me, but still looking a bit dreamy.
Below is a pic. of my grandson shaking the tablecloth after last Sunday's lunch, so between the dreamy little girl in the top photo and the boy shaking the tablecloth real life DID happen.

Today's headlines.

Only a juvenile according to the paper but this is the same type of shark featured in the movie "Jaws." This must be the reason I love to look at the lake but never swim, fish, go boating or prawning in it. While I am writing this the aerial patrol helicopter is out looking for the shark, to chase it away before it grows bigger I suppose.

Well I can't swim anyway, perhaps that's a good thing!

No one can complain that this post isnt varied enough. Ive been through memories, sharks in my lake and now Emily caught being a bad cat.
Yes, I turn a blind eye to Emily drinking water out of the sink but this time she has gone too far. My fault I suppose, I left the bowl I microwaved my porridge in next to the sink and Emily does seem to like porridge.


  1. What a great post. Very lovely photos of a young you. Gorgeous wedding dress.

    Scary photos about your local shark.

    And then Emily, definitely looking like she has been caught doing something wrong.

  2. I love it when my blog friends reminisce about their past, and show photos - these are lovely, Sylvia.
    Oh that is such a cute photo of Emily! I never heard of a cat eating porridge, but you never know what they will do next. Our first cat used to like the tips of our fingers, mind you - not straight from the jar!

  3. The picture of you as a little girl is so cute, I had the same hairdo for a photo although we live on different continents, lol ! I think the fashion was about the same.
    Emily is absolutely right, if there is breakfast served so nicely besides the water source she should eat it there too ! Cats diserve first class service, ask her !

  4. I checked on Amazon yesterday and can order the book--which I will do next week after payday.

    Love Emily! And I've added another adopted kitty to my house.Giselle's sister has joined the family. She's a tortie and is SO friendly. Don't know what her name is, so I call her Kitty.

  5. Your wedding photo is fantastic! Our kitty rules our house

  6. Sweet memories, thanks for sharing them. Darling wishing you a sunny weekend and a blessed Sunday.

    Love & Hugs