Thursday, April 8, 2010

Girl on the Wall a Life in Cross stitch

I bought this amazing book from Amazon U.K as I don't think it's available in Australia yet and I couldn't wait to read it. Jean designed and stitched different parts of her life on 32ct linen and made a very large tapestry of her life and then wrote the book explaining what each section meant. Jean explains in her book that although she lived a very ordinary life she has lived through many social changes and times.
The book has a pullout section at the back showing the tapestry and each chapter of the book relates back to the tapestry. Jean is not too much older than me and she does make me wonder about my own life story. Is there more to me than collecting Royalty , my cats and my cross stitch? Will need to think about that.

Meanwhile here is my own attempt at history, a cross stitch millenium sampler.
This was D.M.C kit I bought in London and worked on 16ct aida.
It starts with the battle of Hastings in 1066, goes through major events in the last 1000 yrs including the death of Princess Diana. Here I must admit I dropped one event and put the last one as Australia votes No Republic in 1999.
The bands running between each peice of history are based on the Bayeux tapestry. I would love to see the bayeux tapestry, it is on my long list of things to see/do before I die.

Another sampler I stitched for the year 2000, this chart was in a magazine and once again I dropped an event so I could fit in my grandson's names.
Click on the pics to see more details of any samplers but especially The Girl on the Wall. I hope she writes another book with even more details of her life.

Yes Charlotte you do look cute helping me empty the shredder, hope that wasn't my life story bestseller you just shredded.


  1. Wow crosstich, I never had the patience for that ! Love Charlotte in the shredder, that really is a very special place, lol !

  2. The book looks interesting. It must get you thinking what things would go on your own life sampler.