Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spring Teddy Bear Picnic

Perfect spring weather today so the bears decided to get together and have a picnic. The Royal bears came too and here they all are posing for a picnic pic.
My best mini teasets were borrowed and the bears promised to take good care of The Golden Jubilee Teaset. I made them a tablecloth from my Guardsman fabric. Emily dropped in to say a gentle hello.

Then disaster! Charlotte wanted to join in too but then she saw that the Queen Mother was wearing THAT HAT that she just cannot leave alone and always wants to get her teeth into the veiling.You win Charlotte, the hat has been put away and I think the picnic is over. Perhaps tomorrow we will have a picnic for Cats then you won't have to gatecrash the next bears picnic.


  1. What a great idea this spring picnic !
    Your bears are so cute !
    Charlotte too, she made me smile.
    Enjoy your day,

  2. The Queen Mother without a hat! Unthinkable,
    you will have to at least give her a woolly beanie.


  3. Haha ~ well how could sweet Charlotte resist that beautiful veiling and blue fuzzyness? She looks truly Royal herself sitting amongst those adorable bears. :)

    xo Catherine

  4. Charlotte thinks that hat is great and wants to wear it! :)

  5. Is that ever cute ! I should do this with my stuffed cats ! I even have a little tea service too. My cats anyway always lay amongst the "false" once so sometimes I don't know who is who !

  6. That is so funny! I love the intrusion of the cat. (If you go down to the woods today ....)

  7. What a jolly looking picnic. Love that crazy eyed bear in the yellow and brown stripes.

    Emily had her company manners but Charlotte needs to work on hers. Eating hats is not considered good etiquette.

  8. That is such a cute collection of photos! You must have nearly had a fit when Charlotte walked all over everything to get to 'her' hat! I trust nothing was broken? Those tiny teasets would be very fragile I imagine!