Friday, September 3, 2010

Flag Day

Today is Australian National Flag Day. I am a proud Aussie as well as being such an Anglophile and lover of all things British, Australian flags can be seen in my sidebar pics. so I am showing my Royal flags. The flags are all 1953 coronation flags bought at different markets, all large and difficult to get decent photos as they are all hung up near the ceiling and I am having severe Ladder Issues just now, but that's a story/post for another day. The flag below is my favourite as it shows the Royal Family at the time of the Coronation.

The three flags are shown in the Robert Opie 'Royal Scrapbook' I have. The book contains some souvenirs I have, some I am forever hunting for and some I know will be forever unattainable by me but I do have fun looking.

This flag below is from the Coronation of EdwardVIII in 1937 that never took place. Still looking for that elusive and affordable GeorgeVI coronation flag.

Here is my lovely guardsman doll, found one day at a local market I found a job for him holding smaller royal flags. Any more flags I collect will have to be on the ceiling, not just up near it as the ceiling is the only clear space not yet used. Charlotte and Emily will need to be fitted with tiny crash helmets to be ready for Things falling off the ceiling........


  1. Happy Flag Day Friend! :)

    xo Catherine

  2. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know we had a National Flag Day, although I belong to the National Flag Association down here...Love your fabulous collection of flags!

  3. Interesting collection. Ladder issues? Please tell.

  4. I hope your Flag Day was extra special. Very cut kittie you have here. I just love those little fur balls.