Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend of Much Ado About Nothing

The first mangos of the season are now in the shops, here is my first one and it was delicious. Best eaten when alone, sleeves rolled up and lean over the kitchen sink as mangos are so juicy. I will most likely look like a mango at the end of summer. My mother always said mango skin is good for the complexion and would sometimes put the skin on her face, haven't tried that yet.As this was a weekend of nothing much happening I read a very interesting book and ate chocolate.
Watched sunset over the Lake with glass of wine on Saturday night.On Sunday I cleaned out the shed and took a load of rubbish to the local council tip. Doesn't take much rubbish to fill up my little car but the shed now looks tidier.

After the trip to the tip had lunch then spent the afternoon watching mindless T.V and working on my latest cross stitch project. And it's not even ROYAL but a design I love called THE KISS it has some sparkly threads and will have pearls sewn on the hat at the finish.

Charlotte and Emily had a quiet weekend too, here they are catching the first of the Sunday sun.

That was my weekend and tonight I will go to bed early and finish that book.

I'm joining Gattina again at Writer's Cramps for "What Did You Do This Weekend?"


  1. I've never had a mango before. I will have to see if we can buy them here.

    Reading a good book and eating chocolate ~ oh yes ~ now that is my kind of weekend! :)

    Glad Charlotte and Emily are getting to soak up some sun ~ lucky kitties!

    Hope you have a Happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  2. Mango looks so delicious and the sunset really lovely!
    The kitties are even more lovely!

  3. That sounds like an ideal weekend. And thanks for the mango tip - I love them, love them. Especially slices of mango with a curry.

  4. Well I think that sounds like a lovely weekend. Just pootling about, eating and drinking. Very nice.

  5. A relaxing weekend, I love those once in a while. I so need to do some cleaning out. What a view you have and that glass of wine sounded perfect. Your Cross-stitch project looks great.
    I joined in on the fun this week, hope you can stop by At Home with Auntie E

  6. Nice weekend ! I love Mango too ! On the Brussels big market I can find them the whole year, they mostly come from Morocco.
    Your kitties look so comfy in the sun. You are so lucky spring is arriving and we are going into fall, what makes my mood fall too, lol !

  7. Mangoes - die for! I usually get through two or three a week over summer. Lovely photos, sounds like my kind of weekend (except for the book. A friend gave me a copy and I couldn't get into it at all. She just LERRRVES herself). Cute kitties, and gorgeous cross stitch pattern!

  8. Love the photo of the lake! The cross stitch is fabulous...I find I do not have the patience to do it anymore. Trying to get inspired to muck out my closet :)

  9. Hello Sylvia, :-)
    thanks for your visit and nice comment !
    I also love chocolate and reading books.
    Charlotte and Emily are so cute !
    Have a wonderful week,