Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend of Responsibility

Meet Fred and Butter. Family are away on a touring holiday and I have been left to babysit grandson A's two budgies for two weeks. It's a big responsibility but Charlotte and Emily aren't very interested and at times Emily looks annoyed when too much chirping interupts her daytime sleeps. Charlotte had a little look at the birds then wandered off, but I am being very careful never to leave cats and birds alone together. Mother duck and five little ducklings swam past my house on Saturday morning, have not seen them since but am still watching and hoping.
My weekend reading: A new biography about Pearl Buck and her life in China. Born 1892 D1973 Pearl grew up and lived most of her life in China. Her most famous book 'The Good Earth' won her The Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938 and was made into a movie. I think all her books are equally interesting though some are now out of print and harder to find.
Please Note; no chocolates or wine consumed during the reading of this book.....

This was taken at my local Woolworths supermarket on Saturday. Not a good pic but I felt like a spy and only had one chance at a photo while no one was looking. The FIRST Christmas decorations on the shelves NOW Sat. 25 Sept. I am going to my local Westfield Mall later and I'm sure the decorations will be hanging up, having been dusted off from last year. I am almost afraid to go and look.
Sunday I went to a friend's house for a barbecue, always a fun day with lots of laughs.

This blue tongue lizard wandered around friend's garden. A common lizard in bushy gardens and harmless his blue tongue was flicking in and out but never at the moment my camera clicked.
Weather was perfect all weekend with warm sunny days.

Im joining Gattina at Writers' Cramps for "What Did You Do This Weekend?"


  1. It will be a curious 2 weeks for the kitties and a busy one for you.
    Aww, mother duck and ducklings are so cute.
    It's only September and the Christmas decorations are out! Well, I suppose the early bird gets the worm! :)

  2. It seems you had an interesting weekend !
    That duck and her little ones are so cute !
    Oh, Christmas decoration !?, Autumn has just started.
    In Belgium it's cold and we have a lot of rain.
    Nice week,

  3. Budgies, cats, ducks, lizards! Maybe it is time for a visit from a friendly spider. I remember how you love your eight legged friends.

    And yes our local shops are busy putting up Christmas decorations.


  4. What an interesting selection of photos! You have a knack of making the ordinary into something special, Sylvia. Oh yes, retail Xmas...I find it obscene. Gets worse every year.

  5. Another great weekend. Nice to see you Fred and Butter. I hope Emily and Charlotte remember their "company" manners.

  6. My cats weren't interested either when a "bird" sitted my friend's two little birds. Only Arthur wanted to jump on the cage ! He is a terrible hunter. I too love Pearl S.Buck and I think I have read all books from her.
    I thought of you on Sunday when I was on the fleamarket in a shopping mall in Brussels and saw a basket full with Diana postcards !

  7. Thanks very much for your encouragement. And will follow your advice to keep myself healthy.