Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend of Bargains and Wildlife

Every year Doll Club has a huge and very popular Fair and today was the day. One of our talented members knits very detailed bedspreads and clothes for doll houses. This year I was lucky enough to get this one. Done to 1/12 scale on fine needles and cotton so fine hard to belive she can even see what she is knitting, I have watched her so I know it's possible. The pattern is a classic and looks beautiful in my doll house, wish my own bed was as elegant as this. Also knitted by Denise and bought by me, this pretty doll outfit with tiny pearly beads knitted in to the dress and edging the matching shawl. The outfit even included a knitted nappy all so tiny I had trouble tying the bonnet and fastening the buttons at the back. The work is so delicate and the prices so reasonable I can only think it a labour of love.
The length of the dress is only 7cm or 2 and three quarter inches.

Bought a new dress for my old doll too and she is offering me a "thank you" coffee. Emily was helping but she fell asleep halfway through. Would like to say I found this doll at an antique shop but no I have had her since new #* years ago, I think I got her for Christmas 19*!. Is there a slice of cake to go with that coffee? I think I have spent the grocery money again this weekend!

Between markets and fairs I managed to fit in a visit to an op shop and found this bargain bracelet. The coins show the Queen's head one side and crown the other. The bracelet was very dirty when I bought it and hot water and detergent wouldn't shift the dirt and I had no jewellery cleaner so here comes household tip #1025. I soaked the bracelet in Napisan and the dirt fell off, how good is that?? now I want commision from Napisan! The bracelet is on a piece of wallpaper, I bought a whole roll of it at the markets on Saturday to use in a doll house I am renovating.

Not sure what these birds are, they are smaller than sparrows and I hope they don't want to build a nest there, the days are getting hotter and I'll need to lower those blinds. Thought Charlotte and Emily might warn them off but as usual they are asleep.

P.S The birds are swallows.

More little ducklings outside today, they have both parents to guard them and I didn't want to disturb them by getting any closer. The last lot I posted must be very grown up by now.

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  1. Great buys! Beautiful work. Knitting needles must have been the size of toothpicks.

  2. Wow, that knitting is superb. I'm not a knitter, but I can appreciate the work that has gone into those items.
    I love the bracelet; I've always been a sucker for any kind of charm bracelets. Thanks for the tip about Napisan. It is amazing how many uses that stuff has. It is the only way I can get my stovetop fans clean (the ones above the hotplate that get so greasy).

  3. So many pretty things today! I especially love your tea set. Tea just seems to taste better when served in such pretty cups ~ don't you think?

    xo Catherine

  4. Wow! Such wonderful work and dedication.

  5. Gorgeous knitting works !
    I used to knit and crochet, so I know it's very time-consuming !
    Emily is so cute, perhaps she's dreaming of that cake ... or a little bird ? My Moesj sometimes catches one, I know cats do that but I always feel bad.
    That wallpaper is beautiful !
    Nice week,

  6. Looks like it was a weekend of pretty treats. Although no money for groceries could be the reason why Emily passed out at the tea party!

    Have a lovely week.

  7. You did some nice bargains ! I am a little groggy today, I just came back from Egypt yesterday night and I have to deal with the temperature and weather difference. Yesterday I wore sunglasses, today I look into fog !