Monday, March 14, 2011

Catching Up

Catching up after a busy week. Last Tuesday was International Women's Day and I was invited to a breakfast at a nearby beach suberb. Breakfast, speeches and a fashion show were all enjoyed. The only man present was the poor man whose face you can see on the right peering through the curtain and trying to fix the computer presentation while remaining invisible.
The great Dame Edna was there ( I hope it wasn't an imposter ). I'm sure everyone worldwide knows the Dame, she is the role model for all Australian women and we all aspire to be like her.
I was surprised to see her there as I know she is a close friend of The Queen and helps H.R.H organise large Royal events and there is a wedding coming up.
I need new glasses soon and hope to find ones similar to the Dames at Budget Specs.

Dame Edna noticed the kangaroo brooch I was wearing (bought at the markets $4 two weeks ago)
and came rushing over to me to admire it. We agreed we have a lot in common as we both love colour and sparkly things and think the colour beige should be banned.
I am checking out the op. shops for a cardigan like the Dames.

Doll club on Saturday but I wasn't able to go. Two of the catergories where I might have won a prize were 1. A koala, these 2 jugs were the only koala's I have. 2. A coffee cup, I only have this pretty one, not even a royal one. Now I will never know if I would have won a certificate. 3. An Oriental doll. I don't have one so no hope there.

My William and Kate cross stitch kit arrived from the U.K and I've made a start. The kit seems easy enough to stitch, all the threads came ready sorted on a card but I prefer my plastic bags on a ring method with the colour numbers written on the front. Easier to use and less waste.

I think this mother duck has done well to keep 9 ducks safe. This group look half grown and were out in front of my house this week.


  1. love your brooch, like Dame Edna's cardigan but I think I will give the glasses a miss.

  2. It looks like you had a terrific time ~ and to meet Dame Edna in person ~ a real treat! ;) Love her!

    Hope this week is just as enjoyable!
    xo Catherine

  3. then you will be busy with stitiching !
    Yesterday evening I saw the movie "The King's speech" ! so touching, I don't remember a film who has touched me emotionally as much as this poor man who had to become king and who grew up in such a cruel environment. Have you seen this film already ? It really earns all Oscars of the world !

    Your Dame Edna whom of course I don't know looks like a transvestit or am I wrong ? :)

  4. I've seen Dame Edna on television, so nice you've met her !
    Those ducks are so cute, lovely picture !
    Have a wonderful week,

  5. Well done mother duck, keeping 9 duckling safe.
    Is your hair colour as lovely as Dame Edna's?
    An interesting catch up, have a good week.

  6. Have you seen this Royal Wedding knitted party? Even corgis! Cheers, Ruth

  7. Yes Ruth, I saw the book on T.V here and immediately ordered it on Amazon, so should soon be on It's way. I look forward to knitting even the corgi.

  8. OH I love the porcelain :D and good luck with the stitching.. :)