Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Of Droughts and Flooding Rains"

We have just had 3 days of torrential non stop rain here which has caused floods and chaos in my area. I've marked on the map where Charlotte Emily and I live, right on the edge of the lake.
The lake does have a small opening to the ocean but the rain water wasn't runnung away quickly enough and combined with an extra high tide last night caused a lot of anxious moments. The State Emergency Service told us to be ready to evacute but in the end that didn't happen. The picture shown is fron this mornings Illawarra Mercury.
Charlotte and Emily inspect the damage this morning after the tide went out, they did promise to help with the clean up but asked for another sleep first.

This thick mess of mud, lake grasses and rubish was left behind by the tide for me to clean up. Nothing compared to the damage left behind by earthquakes, floods and tsunami's in other parts of the world so I mustn't complain and I'm sure Prince William won't be coming to inspect the damage.

All serene on the lake now, even a bit of blue sky.

The postman was kind to me today and bought me the William and Kate paper doll book I ordered from Amazon. I know I'll be tempted to cut out the dolls and clothes to play with, but no, I must keep the book intact for my collection.


  1. Eeeeek....Charlotte and Emily will get muddy paws if they help. Good grief it was a bit too close I think.

    p.s. You could always photocopy/scan the paper dolls and then you can cut out the copies and play with them:)

  2. Oh Gosh ~ I'm so glad the water didn't get any higher! What a mess was left ~ but you are right ~ not too bad in perspective of other things going on. I shouldn't be crying about my snow either! Ha!

    Hopefully Emily and Charlotte don't like playing in mud!! :)

    How fun to receive a paper doll book for your collection! I used to love playing with paper dolls!

    Keep safe ladies!
    xo Catherine

  3. My goodness that's a lot of water ! I can understand that the cats had to take a nap first !
    the paper dolls are cute, fortunately they are such a handsome couple ! Imagine Charles and Camilla !

  4. Emily and Charlotte are on the right side of that fence. You don't need to be cleaning the mud out of their fur as well! Luckily the tide came no higher, hope the weather stays fine for a while. Good luck with the clean up.

  5. Oh what a mess in your area! Glad to hear that everything goes well and you must not have evacute.

    You can copy the dress-up dolly book and cut the copies out.

  6. I've just ordered the William & Kate chart from Kelmscott Designs. Very pretty.

  7. Oh my, Sylvia, what a mess !
    I wonder what Emily and Charlotte have been thinking ...
    Love paper dolls, I used to play with them.
    Take care,