Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bargains Galore

Sad that a very large chain of bookstores has gone into receivership and all stores are closing down. Good news for me today as my local branch had 50% off all books and I was able to buy the book above that I have wanted since it came out last year. The soft cover version would have been even cheaper but I wanted the hard cover and bought the only copy in the store. The book has lots of old photos and over 1,000 pages. The price on the cover is the full price.
Books here are expensive and often are released months after overseas releases and I have been guilty of buying books cheaper from Amazon or browsing bookstores and then reading the book I want from the library so I take a small amount of blame for the closure.
I couldn't resist this gold teapot from the op. shop for only $2, yes the lid is missing, BUT it's a Sadler teapot made in England and Sadler teapots are very expensive and collectable so I am thrilled with my find. I have put a royal bear inside to make it a bit Royal but it would look good with flowers or a plant too.
The book in front is a coronation autograph book with steel covers made for the coronation 1953 by Steel Company of Wales Ltd. Sadly there are no Royal Autographs inside.
I am making progress with my knitted Kate doll, don't judge her and laugh I have a long way to go yet. Bought some pearl trimming today. The pattern doesn't mention pearls but It's a Royal wedding and there are sure to be pearls involved.

Took this photo this morning, don't know what the things the men are paddling are called but they seem to be getting popular on the lake. Doesn't look much fun just standing and paddling. The man on the right has his dog with him and at least the dog can sit down.

To complete this post of odds and ends we have bad cat behaviour #1065. Well who am I to stop an older cat drinking from whatever she likes?


  1. Hooray for excellent sales and bargains! And I must admit, Banjo gets to lick my glass after I am done my milk! :)

    Happy Saturday ladies!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  2. I have that book but have not read it yet. I think I am intimidated by its length. Our kitty will only drink water from her "special cup" which sits in the kitchen sink so she can't knock it over and make a mess. But it also means she must get on the counter. Only cat people understand. Others are horrified ;)

  3. Interested to watch Kate come to life!

  4. Nice you could buy your favorite book cheaper now, enjoy it !
    Kate is looking good so far :-)
    Love the photo of the lake, such a wonderful view !
    Love also the last picture, really cute !

  5. That's also a book for me especially now on wednesday I will see the film "The King's speech" Finally it arrived in Waterloo ! She must have been a very special woman ! Have you seen the movie ?
    Kates dress for the moment looks a little ghostly, but I am sure with some perls it will get more "dressed"
    What a wonderful view on the lake !

  6. What a interesting photo with the man and the dog on the board!
    You must have a wonderful view on the lake there.
    I´m really curious about your Kate doll !!!
    I´m glad you found your favorite book !
    Have a great week!