Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guess Who's Going to William and Kate's Wedding

I know I said I wouldn't, couldn't and shoudn't go to THE WEDDING but now I am so excited. I am going. On Friday I happened to be walking past a Travel Agent, went in just to enquire about airfares to London, minutes later I had signed and booked airfair and hotel. Perfect.
See you soon William and Kate. I leave in 5 weeks and only stay for 9 days so will do a lot of rushing around London to get the most out of my stay. William is in Nth Queensland right now but I thought it too far and expensive to fly up and see him then suddenly I am going to London for his Wedding, work that one out. I do love London and Royal parades, that is why I must be there.

Look at this embroidered map of the British Empire from the coronation of GeorgeVI 1937. The distance between the east coast of Australia and Britain looks not far at all. The fact that I am flying with an airline I have never heard of before, a brief stopover in Abu Dhabi,- the airport there is new and looks very nice- and the first leg of the flight means I will be in the air for 15 hours the second leg only 8 should not worry me... It does, I hate flying, take offs and landings terrify me and I never sleep on planes as I feel someone (me) should stay awake and check the plane is still in the air. I suffer all this for Royalty and sometimes wish I had chosen an easier enthusiasm. The hotel I am staying at is perfect for me and is in a top location.
No more episodes of Air Crash Investigation on T.V for me.
Emily is refusing to show any interest in the trip at all. I have assured her she will be staying here and well looked after by Mr. Linens and will hardly know I have gone. He will have full instructions and a training manual to study and exams to pass before I can leave my girls in his care.

I had thought I might take my beach shelter to use in the Mall on my overnight stay before the wedding but Charlotte agrees with me that it is too large and unmanageable and could cause trouble in the crowd.
I tried to avoid Wedding Fever but it got me as I suppose I knew all along it would......


  1. I am not surprised in the least that you are going and I'm so excited for you:).....however I was waiting for you to comment on the mug fiasco...Harry instead of William? Did you see that?

  2. Have a lovely time :) William was in our town today which was pretty exciting.

  3. Wow ! now that's a real exciting news ! You finally go ! From when to when are you staying in London exactly ? maybe I can jump over for me it's not even 2 h to get there from Brussels with the Eurostar.

  4. How exciting, what fun to be there for the big event. I think Charlotte is right and the beach shelter might not be the thing for the wedding.

  5. Well, is this the Good Life or not? To walk into a travel agent on a whim, and book the flight and accom. just like that! Good for you, it will be a fabulous holiday. I giggled at your comment about not watching Air Crash Investigation any more; that show really puts the wind up me, and I'm not likely to be flying anywhere in the foreseeable future!

  6. Congratulations,Sylvia! You just had to go.
    A wonderful thing like THE WEDDING just couldn't be ignored, you would have regretted it the rest of your life. Do hope your accomadation is good and convient to get about.
    Don't forget to take an extra battery and extra memory.
    Enjoy your preparations and anticipation to the full. Bravo!

  7. How exciting for you! You will have so much fun and see so many things ~ and then you will show us all your lovely photos and we can share in your delight as well!

    Perhaps you will bring the girls back something lovely so that they won't be miffed at you for leaving them. :)

    Let the count-down begin!!!

    xo Catherine

  8. Wow Sylvia, how exciting !
    I'm so happy for you, wish you a great time !
    Hugs to you, Charlotte and Emily,

  9. Well, good for you. Not in the least surprised, have been wondering how long you could stand the strain of not going.