Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Off to William and Kate's Wedding I Go

Buckingham Palace and Royal Wedding, here I come. My big day has arrived. I leave home at 3pm to get train to Airport in Sydney. Iwill be put on the train this end, then son D will meet me at the airport to make sure I am on the right plane, then I am on my own for that long, long flight to Heathrow. Book into my hotel, then next stop Buckingham Palace and the souvenir shops. Can't wait.

Thought for one mili-second this might be my Wedding invitation, but even better it's a "have a Happy Trip" card from daughter S and family.

Includes a message from H.R.H and a little bag of Maundy money. Maundy money is given out by the Queen to the poor and elderly on Maundy Thursday before Easter. I'm sure if I had been there in time I would have been given some by the Queen and this little bag of English pound coins from my thoughtful daughter is to make up for my dissapointment.

I might not have the time or be clever enough to blog on strange computers in London, if not I'm sure I'll have lots to blog about on my return in 2 weeks.


  1. Have a very safe and very happy trip ~ I look forward to all your stories and photos when you return. Hopefully you will get nice and close to all those royals! :)

    Warm hugs,
    xo Catherine

  2. WOOOHOO...off she goes. Good luck with your souvenir hunting:)

  3. Have lots of fun and I hope you get a good look at Kate and Wills and all the lovely coaches and horses.

    Looking forward to hearing "from the front line" by our Wedding Correspondent.

    Toodle Pip! xo

  4. Buckhingham palace has opened its doors for you !! Have a nice flight !

  5. Have a nice trip, Sylvia, enjoy !