Friday, July 1, 2011

Princess Diana's 50th Birthday

Today would have been Diana's 50th birthday. A beautiful woman whose circumstances caused her to lead a sad and lonely life which ended too soon.
I think Catherine will be much better looked after and made happier than Diana ever was.
'Pax Vobiscum' Diana


  1. She was a wonderful woman wasn't she? I am thinking you are right about Catherine. And please know us Canadians are welcoming her and her new hubby with open arms!! :)

    Happy Weekend to you and the girls!
    xo Catherine

  2. What ? she would be 50 already, I missed that. Of course Kate's life will be happy, Diana changed the whole Windsor family by blowing a fresh and modern wind through these stone figures and made them alive !

  3. I saw some picture in the paper where they'd done a computer image to imagine what she'd have looked like now. I think she'd still have been stunning.

  4. She live a sad life because she love someone who didn't love her and she din't know how to handle it. I think if she had been a little bit older she would have learn how to live with it but since she didn't know how to handle the problem she handle it the best way she knew how!