Monday, July 11, 2011

Special Lace and Doll Club

This special peice of lace was sent to me by Gina a very generous blogger friend in Victoria. I hope to find out more about it, I think it is most likely needle run lace made in Nottingham for the 1937 coronation but am still doing my research. Too precious to use I will tack it carefully onto fabric and display. Thank you Gina for sharing your 'find'.

Doll club last Saturday and I entered the 3 competions. One being for a doll with blue eyes. Above you can see some of the stiff competition I was up against and received no prizes at all.

My old blue eyed doll usually wears a school uniform made many years ago by my mother. For this comp. I dresses her in a skirt made from Charles and Diana wedding fabric and she was able to wear the school blouse and underwear with it. Oh well, back to the school uniform tomorrow.

Next section was a bear with a ribbon round it's neck. This 'Gund' bear usually wears a cape but I tied some Charles and Diana wedding ribbon round it's neck. Perhaps I overdid the ribbon and there were lots of very nice bears that won.

Next section was a milk jug cover, my Royal Visit 1954 cover is on the left and once again I must admit some nicer covers won.

All was not lost on the day, I won a raffle prize. This table top fountain, as soon as I saw it I was hoping I would win and below you can see why.

I have always resisted buying my 2 girls a water fountain as they are expensive and Charlotte and Emily might walk away and ignore it. But this one is ceramic so no taste in the water, easy to change the water every day and Emily is giving a demonstration of how good it is.
Charlotte and Emily are always happy when I bring them home a present, but I never mention the great afternoon tea served at Doll Club.


  1. I love the fountain. That is a brilliant way to use it. I won't let Deva and Smokey see it as they will want one:)

  2. I have the same doll, at least it looks like, only it has no eyes anymore because my crazy mother gave it to my 3 old son who of course pushed the eyes inside !
    The water fountain is myself, I swear I fill the bowl with my hands and don't spit like some fountains do !

  3. There are competitions for dolls with a certain eye colour?... You live in another world entirely and it sounds fabulous.

  4. I think you did best winning the water fountain, looks very good for the girls.

    And also some lovely coronation lace from Gina, you have done very well! :)

    Have a good week.

    (Blogger still doesn't let me sign in to comment.)

  5. Who has to think up all these different categories for doll competitions? Must be a hard job.

    Love all your entries, of course, and can't see why you didn't win the lot. However, you did very well for the 'girls' with the water fountain.

  6. That lace is exquisite ~ so pretty! That is one fancy water fountain the girls get to drink their water out of ~ I think the water will probably taste better coming out of it! :)
    xo Catherine