Wednesday, July 20, 2011

William and Catherine Finished Cross Stitch

William and Kate, finished and framed at last. Am I the first stitcher in Australia to finish this sampler? Do I get a medal? Or a round of applause? I think I started my stitching about the middle of March so four months of stitching but I was away at the wedding in the middle of that, so I wasn't too slow. I am going to have a coloured surround made to go in the frame and I moved another sampler out of this frame to make way for Wills and Kate.

The back of my stitching, not too bad as there many colour changes, blended threads and half stitches and a tiny bit of back stitching. There was also a generous amount of fabric and threads in the kit.

This is a sampler I stitched for the Golden Jubilee in 2002. This sampler willingly gave up it's frame and wall spot to William and Kate and moved to a cheaper frame.

Here's Wills and Kate on the wall but I think they deserve a more prominent position. I will deal with that upheaval tomorrow.

Already started on my next project, a sampler bought from Majesty Magazine and much quicker and easier to stitch. This one will show the Engagement date.

Charlotte and Emily are showing their usual interest and enthusiasm for my projects.

Rain and wind all day and this is what happened while I was immersed in my Royal sampler display dilemma. A tree from the opposite creek bank fell on my shed. No damage and willing workers soon had it cut back away from my fence. Now they need to take the tree out of the creek before flooding occurs.


  1. Looks great ! big applause ! you really are very patient, I never ever could stitch !
    Charlotte and Emily are right to sleep when the weather is so bad that a tree fell on your shed ! Fortunately nothing was damaged must have been a quiet strong wind !
    We too have a lousy weather, 15° rain and very windy. I hope it's getting better next week because on Friday evening I leave for Eastbourne. I get out is Ashford and take the train from there. It takes me more time from Ashford to Eastbourne than from Brussels to Ashford, lol ! I hardly have the time to take out a book and read and I am already there.
    Of course I continue to blog hopefully in the garden with seagulls and sunshine !

  2. Love the finished project, very nice! I've just seen the kit via Fox Collection here in Aus and was tossing up whether to get it or not. Now that I've seen the finished product, I just may!

    Most excellent job. Makes me jealous that I can't commit more time to my own projects lol.

    Well done.


  3. Congratulations. Looks terrific framed and already on the wall.

  4. Wonderful stitching of William and Kate. Even the back looks good. Glad to hear no damage was done by the tree. Bit of a surprise though!

  5. Well I started to leave a comment but I think it went into bloggy cyberspace. Anyway, I think you did a wonderful job on the stitching and in only four months. The back looks wonderful too. Lovely. That tree was a bit close...eeek.

  6. Sylvia, you are one in a million! I don't know anyone who could stitch so fast and yet do such an exquisite job! It isn't often that the back of a cross stitch project can look so good. The wall of samplers in your photo is staggering! Seeing it has hurried me on to getting out those UFOs/SINS of mine to send you. I mean, email pictures to you!

  7. my goodness that is beautiful...such a lot of work..and your wall...I would love to see it..great job

  8. You did a great job, Sylvia, the stitching looks wonderful !
    Cute picture of Charlotte and Emily :-)
    Oh my, a tree on your shed, lucky there was no damage, we have rain and high wind here too, no nice summer days.

  9. Oh my stars girl! What a job ~ and you did it so beautifully! Good for you. I can't imagine how how many hours it took you to do all that intricate work.

    I'm glad Charlotte and Emily are giving you a lot of support... ;)

    Happy Weekend!
    xo Catherine

  10. Wow, you stitched that quickly! and the back...

    In a Spotlight store yesterday among the dress and quilt fabrics was a range based on cities, cream background with little motifs representing elements of the city (eg. Eiffel Tower on the Paris fabric). Paris, Rome, and one for London. It's not specifically royal, but I thought the London one might be of use to you. They were around $15/m, from memory.

    I hope you will one day show photos of that whole wall of samplers - it looks great!

  11. A very, very belated CONGRATULATIONS! Sylvia William and Kate are magnificent and you did it just so quickly. My, that tree must have given you an awfull shock.