Friday, July 29, 2011

Charles Diana 30th Anniversary and Me

Charles and Diana were married 30 years ago today. I was there and still think it the most amazing event. The procession was much more spectacular than William and Catherines and though Catherine was elegant and beautiful there will never be a bride or wedding to match Diana's.

The two tapestry samplers above commemorate that spectacular day. They were not stitched by me, I bought them on ebay for my collection.

Ruth who commented on my previous post alerted me to this fabric at Spotlight. Thanks Ruth, I only bought half a metre but had to have some for my fabric stash.

Today I was at Hobbysew and found even more had to have fabric. This half metre will go in my cat fabric stash.

When I went to pay for my fabric I spotted these cat embroidery scissors to go with all my other scissors. I hope this is not the start of another collection.

Also bought all the threads for the next cross stitch sampler waiting in the queue. this is a chart from Cross Stitch Collection magazine. Lots of half stitches, back stitch, gold thread and some gold beads. This one should keep me busy until the Diamond Jubilee charts start to come out next year.

Charlotte, you are not after that hat again are you?? Just because I forgot to put it away after my last collection open house.


  1. You said 'I hope this is not the start of another collection' in a very unconvinced voice!

  2. Haha ~ oh that sweet Charolotte likes that blue hat doesn't she. I like your scissor collection ~ yup ~ it's a collection I think. ;)

    Happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  3. You wouldn't be the first to have a collection of embroidery scissors! A few of my bloggy friends collect them, and when I saw some cute ones like your cat scissors today at the Craft Fair, I can understand why people would want to buy them. But I didn't!
    I emailed you some photos of my 'royal linens' to peruse - did they come out ok?

  4. More than one - it's a collection! A very useful collection. Charlotte would obviously like a larger collection of hats with netting.

  5. That looks like a collection to me. Charlotte would look very fetching in that hat I think:)

  6. Lovely fabric and scissors, Sylvia !
    Charlotte and that hat ... so funny !
    Wish you a nice week,

  7. Wow! It's the first time I've seen such animal themed embroidery scissors.
    Awww, Charlotte wants to be with the teddies!

  8. I am very jalous about the cat fabric and scissors !! Especially the scissors I have never seen such !
    You have a lot of work coming up, lol !

  9. I was wondering if you could possibly send to me a large picture of your Charles and Diana picture. I would love to try making it in cross stitch. I doubt if you can now buy this tapestry anywhere to actually make this. But if I have a good picture I might be able to follow it. If you goggle Celtic Dream Weaver you should be able to find my website. My email address is on my home page. I hope I hear back from you. Thank you muchly from New York.