Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding

Arrived in the post today, my copy of 'Knit Your Own Royal Wedding' from Amazon books. Complete with full and detailed instructions for the whole wedding party including outfits for guests and even a couple of corgis. Here is the balcony scene with Charles, Camilla and Harry on the left, the Queen and Philip on the right. The happy couple are in the middle watched by a corgi. I think the Queen has her hand over the corgi's eyes to protect him from THE kiss, Camilla is holding her hat on.

The coacmen can be knitted too but you will need to find your own coach.
Kate and William's Engagement clothes are included and of course a knitted Archbishop of Canterbury.
Included is a cardboard balcony so you can arrange your own balcony scene. I might never get to do all this knitting but what a fun book to have in my collection.
I bought this cross stitch kit from Majesty Magazine and it looks an easy one to do. There is a choice to make it a wedding or engagement sampler. I will put the engagement date in as I have lots of wedding samplers to stitch.
My travel documents are all in order for my trip to London for THE wedding, I even received a bottle of wine from the travel agent who booked my trip, how civilized is that?

I know I should really stay home and do all my Royal knitting and stitching, I can't even knit or stitch during the very long flight to Heathrow - no needles allowed on board - but William might notice if I'm not there. He might turn to Kate and say" where's that woman who gets over-excited in the crowd and has to be carried out".

Just dreaming again...and no, I haven't drunk the wine.... yet..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Of Droughts and Flooding Rains"

We have just had 3 days of torrential non stop rain here which has caused floods and chaos in my area. I've marked on the map where Charlotte Emily and I live, right on the edge of the lake.
The lake does have a small opening to the ocean but the rain water wasn't runnung away quickly enough and combined with an extra high tide last night caused a lot of anxious moments. The State Emergency Service told us to be ready to evacute but in the end that didn't happen. The picture shown is fron this mornings Illawarra Mercury.
Charlotte and Emily inspect the damage this morning after the tide went out, they did promise to help with the clean up but asked for another sleep first.

This thick mess of mud, lake grasses and rubish was left behind by the tide for me to clean up. Nothing compared to the damage left behind by earthquakes, floods and tsunami's in other parts of the world so I mustn't complain and I'm sure Prince William won't be coming to inspect the damage.

All serene on the lake now, even a bit of blue sky.

The postman was kind to me today and bought me the William and Kate paper doll book I ordered from Amazon. I know I'll be tempted to cut out the dolls and clothes to play with, but no, I must keep the book intact for my collection.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guess Who's Going to William and Kate's Wedding

I know I said I wouldn't, couldn't and shoudn't go to THE WEDDING but now I am so excited. I am going. On Friday I happened to be walking past a Travel Agent, went in just to enquire about airfares to London, minutes later I had signed and booked airfair and hotel. Perfect.
See you soon William and Kate. I leave in 5 weeks and only stay for 9 days so will do a lot of rushing around London to get the most out of my stay. William is in Nth Queensland right now but I thought it too far and expensive to fly up and see him then suddenly I am going to London for his Wedding, work that one out. I do love London and Royal parades, that is why I must be there.

Look at this embroidered map of the British Empire from the coronation of GeorgeVI 1937. The distance between the east coast of Australia and Britain looks not far at all. The fact that I am flying with an airline I have never heard of before, a brief stopover in Abu Dhabi,- the airport there is new and looks very nice- and the first leg of the flight means I will be in the air for 15 hours the second leg only 8 should not worry me... It does, I hate flying, take offs and landings terrify me and I never sleep on planes as I feel someone (me) should stay awake and check the plane is still in the air. I suffer all this for Royalty and sometimes wish I had chosen an easier enthusiasm. The hotel I am staying at is perfect for me and is in a top location.
No more episodes of Air Crash Investigation on T.V for me.
Emily is refusing to show any interest in the trip at all. I have assured her she will be staying here and well looked after by Mr. Linens and will hardly know I have gone. He will have full instructions and a training manual to study and exams to pass before I can leave my girls in his care.

I had thought I might take my beach shelter to use in the Mall on my overnight stay before the wedding but Charlotte agrees with me that it is too large and unmanageable and could cause trouble in the crowd.
I tried to avoid Wedding Fever but it got me as I suppose I knew all along it would......

Monday, March 14, 2011

Catching Up

Catching up after a busy week. Last Tuesday was International Women's Day and I was invited to a breakfast at a nearby beach suberb. Breakfast, speeches and a fashion show were all enjoyed. The only man present was the poor man whose face you can see on the right peering through the curtain and trying to fix the computer presentation while remaining invisible.
The great Dame Edna was there ( I hope it wasn't an imposter ). I'm sure everyone worldwide knows the Dame, she is the role model for all Australian women and we all aspire to be like her.
I was surprised to see her there as I know she is a close friend of The Queen and helps H.R.H organise large Royal events and there is a wedding coming up.
I need new glasses soon and hope to find ones similar to the Dames at Budget Specs.

Dame Edna noticed the kangaroo brooch I was wearing (bought at the markets $4 two weeks ago)
and came rushing over to me to admire it. We agreed we have a lot in common as we both love colour and sparkly things and think the colour beige should be banned.
I am checking out the op. shops for a cardigan like the Dames.

Doll club on Saturday but I wasn't able to go. Two of the catergories where I might have won a prize were 1. A koala, these 2 jugs were the only koala's I have. 2. A coffee cup, I only have this pretty one, not even a royal one. Now I will never know if I would have won a certificate. 3. An Oriental doll. I don't have one so no hope there.

My William and Kate cross stitch kit arrived from the U.K and I've made a start. The kit seems easy enough to stitch, all the threads came ready sorted on a card but I prefer my plastic bags on a ring method with the colour numbers written on the front. Easier to use and less waste.

I think this mother duck has done well to keep 9 ducks safe. This group look half grown and were out in front of my house this week.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bargains Galore

Sad that a very large chain of bookstores has gone into receivership and all stores are closing down. Good news for me today as my local branch had 50% off all books and I was able to buy the book above that I have wanted since it came out last year. The soft cover version would have been even cheaper but I wanted the hard cover and bought the only copy in the store. The book has lots of old photos and over 1,000 pages. The price on the cover is the full price.
Books here are expensive and often are released months after overseas releases and I have been guilty of buying books cheaper from Amazon or browsing bookstores and then reading the book I want from the library so I take a small amount of blame for the closure.
I couldn't resist this gold teapot from the op. shop for only $2, yes the lid is missing, BUT it's a Sadler teapot made in England and Sadler teapots are very expensive and collectable so I am thrilled with my find. I have put a royal bear inside to make it a bit Royal but it would look good with flowers or a plant too.
The book in front is a coronation autograph book with steel covers made for the coronation 1953 by Steel Company of Wales Ltd. Sadly there are no Royal Autographs inside.
I am making progress with my knitted Kate doll, don't judge her and laugh I have a long way to go yet. Bought some pearl trimming today. The pattern doesn't mention pearls but It's a Royal wedding and there are sure to be pearls involved.

Took this photo this morning, don't know what the things the men are paddling are called but they seem to be getting popular on the lake. Doesn't look much fun just standing and paddling. The man on the right has his dog with him and at least the dog can sit down.

To complete this post of odds and ends we have bad cat behaviour #1065. Well who am I to stop an older cat drinking from whatever she likes?