Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Charlotte and Emily's Seventeenth Birthday

I had just published this important birthday post when a parcel arrived from Charlotte and Emily's Aunt Margaret K. and cousin Galina so I've added this photo. I should have known they wouldn't forget such an important day. Charlotte is asleep, Emily has opened her gift and is now thinking about it. Yes, you do like it Emily and look at the lovely card Galina made for you with her picture on it.
Galina is the Russian Blue on the right. The girls also received a card from more family members.
I am very lucky as Margaret also included a very special and amazing gift for me, it will be on my next post and I am very excited about it. Emily is excited about her gift but I am even more excited.

Can you beleive it?? Yes! my beautiful girls are 17 today. Happy Birthday Charlotte and Emily. Here they are greeting their cake with great enthusiasm, delight and excitement.

All these photos were taken today so you can see how good the girls look at 17.

You still have a beautiful profile Emily, I think we all need more of your beauty tips.

Charlotte is checking to make sure I haven't dumped her from my screen saver and replaced her with a picture of the Queen or even a grandson or two.

Charlotte is completing her favourite form of exercise. I have three doors opening onto the verandah facing the lake. Charlotte likes to choose a door, usually one that's closed so I have to open it, then walk along the verandah and around the corner of the house,

I run through the house and open the side door and Charlotte walks in. That way we both have exercise.

Here the Birthday Girls are sharing a drink. Their little fountain expired but they still like to drink from the base. I have three water dishes around the house for them as I want them to drink lots of water and remain healthy.

Charlotte and Emily have been with me for 4yrs. 6yrs ago my himalayan cat died age 16 and I thought I could never have another cat. After 2 yrs I starting to think maybe I could and had just started looking for a suitable cat. My criteria; an older desexed female indoor cat. I wasn't thinking about 2 cats. Then I heard about Charlotte and Emily and just knew they were meant for me. I rang the number, tried to sound like a loving, experienced and knowlegable cat lady and I was chosen to take my girls home. It was love at first sight, on my part anyway. Charlotte and Emily took a few hours longer. When they realised they could sleep on or in my bed, there would be good food, spotless litter trays and all whims catered for, then they decided I was OK.

A big Thank You to Margaret K for allowing me to take over and love your sister's girls.


  1. Happy 17th Birthday Charlotte and Emily. All your beauty routines and exercising have paid off as you both look wonderful.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to the girls! They look fabulous! Oh yes, they knew a good thing when they saw you. Glad they came to live with you ~ they have a very sweet life! Wonderful!

    Have a good day ladies!
    xo Catherine

  3. Happy Birthday to Charlotte and Emily!!!!! Ladies you look good for your age:)

  4. Happy Birthday, lovely ladies!

  5. Hello:) I'm handing out an award for blogs called the Liebster, given to blogs I love that have less than 200 followers. Will you accept this award from me?

  6. Happy Birthday to two beautiful furbabies! They are so beautiful, I'd love them to bits if they were mine!

  7. Happy Birthday to two beautiful kitties!
    You don't look a day over 8!
    Enjoy your birthday treats!

  8. Happy birthday to both of them ! 17 years, that's quiet an age for pedigree cats ! They both look like young girls !
    The job of doormen I learned quickly this cold winter because the door is closed ! There is always one who wants to go out, another who wants to come in, never at the same time of course, lol !

  9. Happy Birthday Charlotte and Emily and best wishes to your extended family.