Friday, February 3, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Tapestry from Tempest

Love this new Diamond Jubilee cushion design from Catherine at It can be bought as a kit or an easy to follow chart.

I have the chart and both DMC and Anchor wools are listed though the Anchor colours are recommended and having seen both I agree. I had trouble finding Anchor but after a google search I found Marguerite at in Victoria, phoned in my order and the wools were posted the same day. I have made a start on the cushion and will get back to stitching as soon as I finish this post.
The cushion also comes in a smaller size.

The latest Riverdrift House kit arrived in the post this morning. Amanda at has more in the same series still to be released. I've almost finished the first one.

I'm starting to have visions of all my Jubilee stitching pushing and shoving in a long queue screaming 'stitch ME, no I was first stitch Me, no Me Me what about Me, you promised I was first'. When I do make a decision and pick up my stitching that's when Charlotte or Emily want to lap sit for a while and nothing gets done.

I did manage to leave cats and stitching for a trip to the local Antique Fair and found this small Royal Visit plate from the cancelled visit 1949.I bought the milk jug and sugar bowl from ebay a few years ago and maybe if I search long and hard enough I will have a complete teaset.

From the same fair I bought this 'Royal Souvenir Casket' well that's what it states on the lid but I would call it a biscuit barrel or if I was American, a cookie jar. A casket reminds me of something to keep ashes in.

On the other side of the casket/barrel is Queen Elizabeth. I think it's a very nice 1937 Coronation addition to my collection.

Nothing to do with stitching or royals, I want to show these pretty brooches. The one on the left I bought at an op shop this week at only $1.50, so cheap and pretty I couldn't leave it behind.

On a tour of Scotland about 12yrs ago I looked for a souvenir brooch to buy. Didn't find one I liked so bought the one on the right on ebay.

The middle brooch is the one I wear all the time because I love cats and sun dials. I bought it in York in the U.K.

No, I do not have a brooch collection.!!


  1. Wow, you are steaming ahead with your jubilee stitching! Well done- they look lovely.

  2. If only Charlotte and Emily would help you with your stitching, how much more you could get done. And I agree about the casket, doesn't sound like the right word for those items.

    Are you sure you don't have a brooch collection, I thought it only took 3 to qualify. And perhaps you have a few more off camera?

  3. No brooch collection! Me thinks the lady does protest too much.

  4. I'm chuckling over your vision of your projects screaming 'me first'! I feel like that when I look in my baskets/boxes of UFOs - lol! The biscuit barrel (sounds much better than casket, I agree) is beautiful. I'll keep my eye out for anything from the cancelled 1949 Royal Visit. Some of the opshops around here (not just mine) have a lot of Royalty memorabilia, but I figured you have most of it, although I struck lucky with that one I got for you recently :-)