Sunday, February 12, 2012

GeorgeVI Embroidered Sampler and Doll Club Win

This rare GeorgeVI embroidery came as a gift for me. From Margaret K, it came in Charlotte and Emily's birthday parcel, the note inside read 'was going to throw this out but then thought you might be interested'. Expertly embroidered and look at that beautiful crown crocheted edge.
I think it is a tray cloth but I have framed it to keep it safe for many more years to come.
Thank you Margaret, I am very interested.
I always put thin padding behind my framed embroideries to stop the stitching being flattened too much.

A similar design in tapestry wool on canvas, I think the design might have appeared on many different items.

A bit the same, this one is machine woven with the addition of warships and helicopters as war in Europe must already have been a possibility. I might have shown this one before but I think it's worth another showing. It came from the U.K in the original frame but no glass.

Another one, this time embroidered on linen and has E.R in the centre. This was done for EdwardVIII who then abdicated. How annoying for all those needlewomen who had just finished their ER samplers, then had to do it all again with GR.

Doll club day yesterday and one section to enter was 'A bear wearing a hat'. I bought the Queen Mother a new flower and feathers for her hat and of course she won first prize certificate. Well done QM and now I must hide that hat from Charlotte as we know she won't leave it alone.

This sweet little guardsman figurine was given to me by a Doll Club member for my collection. She only knows it is very old but has no markings on the base. It has the look of Mabel Lucie Atwell's work and was possibly made about the time of the 1937 coronation.

Does anyone know more about it??


  1. The embroideries are lovely and we love the crown edges. Congrats on Queen Mother bear winning a well-deserving first prize!

  2. Congrats Queen Mum, you deserve first prize with that stylish hat.

    How nice to receive those gifts. The embroidery from Margaret K looks great, and those crocheted crowns give it the "Wow" effect. Then you are given the cute little guardsman. He does have the look of Mabel Lucie Atwell work. Perhaps her style was copied a bit back then.

    Well, it looks like you've had a great weekend. :)

  3. Your bear queen looks great ! No wonder that you won the price ! I mean besides the ears and nose, it really looks like the queen, lol !

  4. Once again you amaze me with the extent of your collection. QM looks very regal.

  5. With a beautiful hat like that QM had to win:)

  6. Oh that little bear in blue is so adorable! Cute cute! Hope sweet kitty stays away from that hat! Ha!
    xo Catherine

  7. The biscuit is indeed a Ritz, and the man is Vladimir Putin. Groan.